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Marella Interested In A World Title Run, Ziggler Loses To Kidd

– During an interview with WWE Magazine, Santino Marella revealed that even he though he previously said he was content with his standing in WWE, he now aspires to win a World Title.

“There are only four individual titles on the main roster of WWE, and to be one of four champions on a roster of many is pretty prestigious. I’ll continue to keep training and then hopefully one day will win the World Heavyweight Title or the WWE Championship,” Marella said. “The fans have always expressed their desire for me to enjoy success against the top guys. It was nice seeing them react to me at Elimination Chamber and to know that they still hope I do well.”

When asked which wrestlers backstage don’t understand his jokes, he revealed Cody Rhodes and The Miz.

“But that’s because they can’t laugh at themselves,” Marella said. “They’ll laugh at someone else, but when it comes to themselves—they take things way too seriously.”

– In the opening match of Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Sarnia, Ontario. Tyson Kidd picked up an upset victory over Dolph Ziggler The Canadian grappler noted of the experience via Twitter: “Sarnia definitely saw some firsts tonight! You had to be there to really experience it #WWESarnia.”


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  • rob

    “The fans have always expressed their desire for me to enjoy success against the top guys.”

    No…..we express our desire for you to not be on my TV screen.

  • Hudson

    The day Santino is in the main title picture is the day i give up on WWE.

  • Chelsii.

    FUCK YOU CLOWN FACE! If they EVER let you have a world title run… I’m done with WWE, I’ll do something that nobody has done before.

    Watch TNA.

  • GN-0015

    Santino is a very talented wrestler, I admit that. But his gimmick makes him devalues a title when he holds it.
    He (or should I say WWE “creative”) had a great opportunity to change his gimmick when Awesome Truth jumped on him and said that they are sick of someone like Santino, and then he got into a car accident. That was the perfect timing for his character to change but he’s still a major goof.

  • Fuck Off

    With that gimmick, Santino should stay far, far away from any and all World Titles.

  • tim

    if you guys really think that he would win the world title with his current gimmick, you’re idiots.

    just because he has this comedy gimmick now doesnt mean that he wouldn’t want to win the world title and be a main event star just like every other wrestler does.

  • havok

    hes got the talent to be a world champion but he needs to be repackaged

  • Joe

    Here come…. Boris Alexiev!!!!

  • Jbreed

    With all the other crap going on in the WWE these days like hugging angles and whatever else, I wouldn’t put it past them to put the world title on a clown like Santino Marella.

  • Chelsii

    i <3 santino

  • Casey

    Grr! Guy with gimmick! Grr! Fuck you light-hearted guy! I’m gonna go jack off to photos of CM Punk bleeding now! Grr!

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