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Mark Henry Reacts to New Look & WWE Return

Mark Henry spoke to WWE about shaving his head. Henry said that his receding hairline was a factor in his decision, but also said that he felt liberated by getting rid of his hair.

“Also, I was hiding behind it,” Henry said of his hair. “People look at me and expect one thing, and I think behind it, I was totally somebody else.”

Henry also talked about getting down to 405 lbs. He was admittedly vague about his return, simply stating that he will return “when the time is right.”

“When I’m ready to come back, you’ll see my back.”

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  • Poppy’s Hammer

    God those spelling mistakes…


      When I come back you will see my back….

  • Dangerous Creation

    Looks like Henry’s about to suffer another return that will temporarily stall his career on the bench. Don’t worry Mark, just a couple matches and then you can get back to your true calling…

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