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Match Planned for Extreme Rules, Backstage Ziggler News, Sandow-NAO, More

– Damien Sandow’s Twitter handler Ignatius tweeted the following about The New Age Outlaws and the challenge for a match on next week’s RAW:

“Mr. Sandow has given the New Age Outlaws till noon tomorrow to back out of the challenge made for RAW. Sincerely, Ignatius #taketheout”

– The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro is said to be just a TV feud to give them something to do between now and WrestleMania 29.

While Miz and Ric Flair continued their angle together on Monday’s RAW, word is that we should not read too much into that, and that the thing to really think about is why Dolph Ziggler has not only been on a losing streak but has gotten limited interview time and didn’t even get an entrance on RAW.

– Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio will be continuing after WrestleMania 29 as a submission match is planned for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.


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  • Staynes

    Man this submission Match is so damn extreme!! I wonder if they can keep it PG..

    • YM5

      you remember WM13, just saying this match will be almost an eighth of that so LOOK OUT!!

  • Guest

    Wait, So what does that mean for Miz, Ziggler, Cesaro and Flair then? O.o Will Miz and Ziggler have a match at Wrestlemania?

  • DC

    If Miz and Ziggler have a match at Wrestlemania it would be pretty awesome. It’d be a good opener. I’d have Miz win after a long match by a roll up, then Ziggler can cash in later in the night. This could also set up for a WHC feud later on with Miz saying if their match had been on after the title match, Miz would be world champion by now.

    • Hasnan

      No thanks. Miz is average at best when it comes to ring work and the last time he was in a title feud the ratings flopped and even LayCool out of all people would beat his segments.

      I’d rather a face Cody go against Ziggler, since Dolph and Cody are undoubtely the future, and WWE have been teasing a Cody face turn lately, and if they feud we can also get a money feud from AJ and Kaitlyn since they will be aligned to their boys.

      • Y2J

        I think they should turn him Monday. They could be NAO, and Sandow would start attacking them, then Cody attacks Sandow.

    • coolkdd1

      I like that but I was thinking that del rio and swagger is 1st, then ziggler cash in mitb on the winner. Then bookert inform him his match with miz is now for world title. Miz wins the world title in shock.

  • Guest

    they are testing ziggler before they push him to the moon ..they want to see how he reacts to being jobbed out after reciving a major push last year…trust me once ziggler cashes in he wll be pushed like mofo

    • Y2J

      They want to see if he’s going to pull “a Ryder,” lol.

    • jcice13

      but hasn’t he been there long enough where he’s already proven himself? what’s left to show them?

  • CMmox

    Wow! After a normal match in which they can both pin or make their opponent tap out, at ER they only can win via submission, huh? OK that’s really extreme. And PG Era continues…

    • Bad News Bro

      In all fairness, 2/3 Falls isn’t that extreme, but it led to a GREAT match with Sheamus and Daniel Bryan last year. Even if they weren’t PG, not every match on the card can be high spots and blading. There needs to be variety and spacing between them else the crowd won’t pop at said spots. ECW was THE extreme promotion back in the day, but it still had great wrestling matches with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, 2 Cold Scorpio, and many others.

      Not to mention, there’s no DQ in a submission match, so it does fit. Remember Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold at WrestleMania 13? You can’t say THAT wasn’t extreme.

  • Adam Daniel John Thompson

    The word on Ziggler makes it seem he will be lucky to get a promo let alone a 5 min match at WM. If than happens, along with Punk jobbing to Taker again, I won’t be able to watch WWE anymore.

    • Rob

      Everyone knows Punk is gonna loose to Taker but would you really call it “Jobbing”.

      • Hawkins

        Is it weird to think Punk will turn at Mania after the match…you know with the respect handshake and hand raise and leaves the ring applauding him or mayBe instead of leaving he kicks him in the head then leaves screaming 20 and 1….

  • Chelsii

    Swagger won, he fought the law and the… Swagger won! Swagger will beat Del Rio and Ziggler will cash in.

  • jcice13

    that’s what I’ve been saying for months now, why the hell are they making ziggler look like a chump when you know they’re going to put the strap on him soon or at least hopefully they will

  • Gortex

    for some reason i feel the NAO can actually save the tag division if they were given a 6 month contract. they looked surprisingly good monday plus they have much more charisma then any other tag team around at the moment.