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Night of Champions PPV Match Off?

The scheduled Night of Champions about between Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship is no longer listed on

WWE also published an article with predictions from the staff for each match, and there was no mention of the match. Ziggler and Ambrose will square off on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown on Syfy.

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  • Eli Myers

    Well there goes the 5 star match of the night.

    • SdotC

      LOL! Not laughing AT you, but I just got done saying this on another page– a 5-star match takes more than two great workers, and the IWC really needs to stop throwing that term around. 5-star matches are the kind of matches that go down in wrestling history and leave a mark on the industry. Punk/Cena I was 5-star, right? Look at the elements– great wrestling, paced properly, with good and not overdone false finishes, tons of crowd heat, emotional investment, a brilliant storyline which lent itself to great psychology and storytelling, which was given the proper amount of time to do what it needed to, and the best possible pay-off with Punk winning and leaving with the title.

      …Just because you have two great workers doesn’t mean you’ll have a 5-star match. From a pure wrestling standpoint, they’re capable of a great match, sure, but there’s no emotional investment, and therefore, the psychology alone is guaranteed to come up just a little bit short. If they built up this feud over the next few months, made it something important story-telling wise, etc, then I’d be extremely bummed about the match being taken off the card. And let’s face it, you know damn-well that the match would have only gotten 10-15 min tops if it does happen at NoC, and it’s impossible to have a 5-star match in 10 minutes. Even if the emotional investment and potential for brilliant psychology was there, it’s impossible to execute it properly in that short span of time. I’m not knocking the workers, I’m just saying that the IWC needs to start taking the term “5-star match” a bit more seriously.

  • Tyler Drummond

    When was it ever on I never saw it on there and checked frequently after the Smackdown where it was supposedly announced, which I never saw or heard the announcement when I watched that Smackdown.

    • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

      It was announced when The Corporation was reborn and Ziggler went into a 3 on 1 match against The Shield. Shortly there-after they announced Ziggler vs Ambrose for the US title.

      • Tyler Drummond

        Well, I just watched the international version of tonights SD and Dolph has a one on one match which Ambrose that has the stip if he wins he gets a US Title shot at NOC. He won by DQ so the match will be made tonight. I didnt think it was ever officially announced, but it is now (well once tonights SD airs).

  • sonik

    As an European who watched the full episode of SD I can assure you that this match will happen (even Vickie announced it)

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