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Matches for WWE’s IYH DVD, Jericho Blasts Idol Judge, Cody Teases Big News

– Cody Rhodes is teasing an announcement for this weekend’s WWE live events. He tweeted the following on Wednesday night:

“Major announcement coming from @WWE for Poplar Bluff, MO…Springfield, MO…and Cape Girardeau. Tomorrow at 4:50PM es. So many rumors…”

– Chris Jericho went on a rant about American Idol judge Nikki Minaj last night on Twitter:

“Nikki Minaj is the worst. Zero credibility or respect. American Idol screwed up bigtime in hiring her to be a judge. This show is done…”

– reports that the following matches are confirmed for WWE’s upcoming Best of In Your House DVD:

* 4 Corners Match for the Vacant WWE Title, IYH February 16th, 1997: Vader vs. Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin

* WWE Tag Team Title Match, IYH July 26th, 1998: Kane and Mankind vs. Steve Austin and The Undertaker

There will also be a chapter of Todd Pettengill outtakes. As noted earlier, Pettengill will be hosting the DVD.

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  • IamLisa

    I agree with Jericho.
    Nikki Minaj is trash. Only one word best describes her.

    • YM5

      or some people have big boobs and butts, that happens sometimes

  • Y2J

    The show was done when Simon left. It was very smart of him to leave when he did. Now their just doing all this stupid gimmick stuff to try and get viewers (not that I watch it anymore because I hate all of them.)

  • CMmox

    Um Did anybody else expected her to be any better? I know I didn’t. Oh and she SUCKS as a singer. Done.