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Matt Hardy Updates, Dixie Carter Does In-Ring Angle Last Night, Brooke, More

– TNA is now calling Miss Tessmacher “Brooke Tessmacher.” As you know, her real name is Brooke Adams.

– Dixie Carter and her whole family were in attendance for the TNA live event in Rome, Georgia last night. Dixie’s father is apparently from the city and her family took up an entire row of seats, according to a fan in attendance. Dixie did an in-ring angle where she played off of the storyline of TNA being stolen by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Dixie said her whole family had to buy tickets to tonight’s show but she promised to get the company back.

– James Storm picked up points in the Bound For Glory series at the Rome, GA live event last night as he and partner Robert Roode defeated The Pope and Gunner.

– This may be something he wrote a while ago, before the DWI arrest, but reader Teddy sent word that Matt Hardy’s Twitter bio reads like this: “Matt no longer has boundaries.. And plans on becoming what I’m destined to be..”

Hardy was also trending on Twitter yesterday after the news broke of his arrest and release from TNA.

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  • The Original Jeff W.

    Sheamus won his first WWE title 6 months after he debuted. He also won his second 10 days before his one year anniversary. Then they started treating him like a piece of crap. Then he started doing better. Now, he's near the top again. I think the loss of so many stars put Sheamus back in a top spot. WIth the lack of top tier taleny, I'd say Del Rio won't have to worry about losing his spot. Sheamus had a top exec, Kevin Dunn maybe, against him, but I guess that's not a problem anymore.

    • The Original Jeff W.

      I have no idea how this happened, but I clearly put this on the wrong page.

  • GunShark

    Please, no more Dixie storylines. Period. She has already done more than enough to destroy TNA without involving herself or her family in any sort of idiotic angle, whether at house shows or on tv.

    • SamoaJoeFTW

      I find it funny that TNA are trying to sell the "stolen company" angle. I can believe that IF it was true Dixie COULD buy a ticket to go see the show – but they'd let her in the ring and have a live-mic? I think not – If I buy a ticket to a TNA houseshow can I jump in the ring and have a little mic-time in front of the live audience? no, no I cannot…

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