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Mauro Ranallo Does An “Ask Me Anything” On Reddit

This past Friday, Smackdown commentator Mauro Ranallo did an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit. The consummate voice of sports, who has done everything from MMA, Boxing and beyond, was candid and thoughtful in his responses.

One fan asked Mauro to articulate his favorite things specifically about each Boxing, MMA and Pro Wrestling. Ranallo had this to say:

– “The best part about calling boxing is the ring is the truth. In life we all look for our version of the truth and boxing represents the ultimate truth. You are naked to the world in many ways, against a force that wants to find out his truth. It’s the purest form of competition and it reveals the truth.”

– “To me, the one area about MMA that I really enjoy is the ground game. Because of its polarizing nature, people boo when it’s on the ground, but that’s what I like about MMA. Striking is a facet but it’s not all of it, the art is in the ground game, the manipulation of your body, imposing your will and skill, it’s an art form. The beauty of the ground game and grappling.”

– “Pro wrestling was my first love and the fact that I do it now, knowing when I was 5 I wanted to do that…I get to show all the aspects of my personality. I love the entertainment business, I love sports, I think it allows me to show off more of my character and have fun knowing it’s entertainment as much as athletics. For me it’s the fun and the hype, when it’s done right there’s nothing like it because it takes you on a rollercoaster ride.”

In another question, Ranallo was asked how he feels about being compared as a commentator in WWE to the legendary Jim Ross:

“Along with Gordon Solie who’s the Dean of professional wrestling announcers, JR is one of the best to ever do announcing. He’s a friend, I respect what he’s done in his career but the comparisons don’t bother me because I find it flattering. But I try to be as unique as I can be. Never try to be the second someone else, just focus on being the first you.”

Then one of the questions in the thread referenced this video in which MMA fighter Mirko Cro Cop played a prank on Ranallo and sweated the poor commentator out of his trademark “Chi”:

In relation to the video, the questioner asked who was more threatening, Cro Cop or Vince McMahon? Ranallo’s response:

“Oh man…with all due respect to Cro Cop, Vince McMahon is an intimidating individual because of the amount of respect he commands because of what he’s done for entertainment, turning the business into a billion dollar success story. He rarely sleeps, he’s a workaholic, he’s passionate, he loves what he does. Every week I’m inspired by what he puts into his business.

From the moment I arrive at the arena, it’s go time. It brings out the best in you because it comes from the top. But in terms of intimidating, Vince McMahon takes the cake for sure.”

Fans of Mauro’s have known for a long time, whether it’s been Boxing or MMA, that when things get real in the ring that voice of his brilliantly accents the excitement being seen.

When “The Comeback Kid” Scott Smith landed that left hook late in the third against Cung Le after being totally decimated the entire fight, Mauro’s vivacious reaction as he calls the final moments is one that makes the hairs stand up on end. Watch the finish at the 2:47 mark:

And there was also the time Ranallo went for the Count Dracula look, slicking his black hair back stark against the pallor of his face. But after scouring the internet, it seems as though a Ministry Of Truth worker has put all traces of that image into the Memory Hole. It cannot be found anywhere. However it looked just like this:


Point is, he’s awesome. And any sporting type of show is lucky to have him making noises into a mic on their behalf.

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