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Mauro Ranallo Reportedly Not Returning To WWE

Mauro Ranallo, who has missed several weeks of SmackDown and WrestleMania 33, appear to be done with WWE. A major issue reportedly had been tension with JBL.

CBS Sports stated Mauro’s WWE contract is until August 12, 2017 and he’s not expected to appear on TV. He removed the WWE part from his Twitter profile and deleted tweeted about WrestleMania. Mauro is now posting about Showtime boxing on social media.

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  • NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


  • The Shockmaster

    One of the biggest John ‘O Clocks :(

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    At what point does JBL face some repercussions for creating a hostile work environment? Is he THAT good at his job so as to make him bulletproof when he’s hurting the company in other ways? (Spoiler: No, he isn’t.)

    I mean, it’s not like the WWE can’t survive without Mauro and the SDL team had at least one member too many to begin with. But this isn’t a one-time thing with JBL – it’s has been a constant going back to his in-ring days. WWE’s lost several useful people because of his antics and it’s getting ridiculous. It’s even more ridiculous than it was when he was an in-ring performer, frankly. I’m not saying new people in the locker room should get hazed but I feel like it’s almost an occupational hazard to some degree when you’re dealing with any activity that runs on machismo and perception of toughness. For that kind of stuff to go down at the announcing table, though, and the culprit to be nothing remotely close to the second coming of JR… it almost makes you wonder what kind of stuff JBL has on the McMahons. He’s even more slippery than Flair has been, and given how Flair is practically revered as an actual god of professional wrestling, that’s saying a hell of a lot.

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