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Michael Hayes Reportedly Suspended from WWE

Earlier we noted that Michael Hayes has not been around the company for sometime as he has been taking time off the road to handle some of his personal issues, however that doesn’t seem to be the case according to former creative writer, Court Bauer.

Bauer revealed on the most recent episode of the “Bauer and Pollock Podcast that Michael Hayes has been suspended indefinitely by World Wrestling Entertainment for offering alcoholic beverages to Rosa Mendes just days after she returned to the company after a stint in rehab for substance abuse. Officials were shocked at his actions and deemed it insensitive enough to suspend him indefinitely.

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  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    Can’t blame PS for trying to tap dat ass. I’d be all over her like white on rice too.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Freebird being a Freebird!

  • tt2000

    what a scumbag

  • Devon

    Freebirds running wild and free!!! PS is a legend. And that alcoholic cunt wouldn’t have had PS do that to her if she was clean and sober. PS is still a joker and a badass

  • stevewizer

    That’s BS. She’s an adult, people will be.offering her drinks for the rest of her life. It’s up to her to turn them down and stay sober.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Maybe so, but Hayes as a backstage employee with knowledge of her problem should have known better. It’s one thing if some random guy came up to her at a bar and offered to buy her a drink because they don’t know that she has an issue with alcohol. If someone has an addiction and you know they have an addiction, the right thing to do is to avoid blatantly doing things that would cause it to rear its head again.

      • stevewizer

        Also the story might be misreported here (huge surprise) . Apparently he didn’t offer her a drink he just got drunk in front of her. Score one for the nanny state.

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