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Mick Foley To Appear On ESPN This Week, John Cena Note

WrestleMania 32
– ESPN SportsCenter host Jonathan Coachman mentioned on Twitter that Mick Foley will be his guest on the Off the Top Rope segment on Tuesday night. The segment airs at 9 PM ET. Coachman posted this:

– John Cena, who is currently out of action and will miss WrestleMania 32 due a shoulder injury, posted this on Twitter:

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  • Lisa

    It won’t be Wrestlemania without John Cena. Sad but true.

    • countyboy98

      They’ll have him run down and interfer in the taker match. Setting up him vs taker next year. This screwing over the authority

      • Lisa

        I love Taker but I’ll be rooting for Shane. I hope he wins and takes over control of WWE. I know it’ll only be in storyline but that’s still good enough for me.
        I’m sick and tired of Triple H’s mammoth nose and Stephanie’s annoying voice.
        I believe Shane should be the one to succeed Vince in the future and I’ll be pleased if Shane sticks around after ‘Mania. If Cena interferes in the HIAC match in Shane’s favor I would be pleased.

        • Mean Dean


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