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Mick Foley Talks About His New Show, Women’s Wrestling, Hell In A Cell

Mick Foley recently did an interview with Rolling Stone.

The hardcore legend discussed his new show, Holy Foley, and how it all came together.

“A couple different production companies had the same idea to base a show around my unique friendship and paternal relationship with my daughter,” Foley said, “Mr. McMahon saw some footage and thought she really lit up the screen. I think he said something nice about me as well. The truth is, there would be no show without Noelle.”

Foley then compared his relationship with his daughter to Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

“From talking with Shane, I know Vince rarely gave the pat on the back and I was probably on the opposite end of the Dad spectrum and pat on the back too freely,” He said, “But Vince definitely brought out the best in his children and I think I did pretty well. Noelle and Dewey are both really respectful adults and the family may be just slightly on the right side of dysfunctional, but we seem to make it work.”

He went on to talk about the improved quality of women’s wrestling and how that ties in with his daughter trying to break into the business.

“Well, today’s women have made it much tougher for Noelle,” Foley said, “It would have been comparatively much easier for her to garner a spot in the old days when not nearly as much was expected out of the women. They’re just sensational. She trained with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks and she realizes she has a long way to go. By being an outspoken advocate for women’s wrestling, I’ve probably hurt my daughter’s chances. But I was just really fascinated with how much progress had been made in women’s wrestling. I had the platform to point it out to people and took advantage of it.”

Foley would switch gears, reflecting on if he stays in touch with his former tag team partner, The Rock.

“What’s funny is our daughters keep in better touch than we do,” He said, “Like I’ll hear my daughter say, ‘The Rock’s going to be on Raw today,’ and it’s a complete secret. ‘His daughter just texted me.’ I get a message from him every once in a while. And I’ve got a great rock and roll Rock story. When I met his girlfriend Lauren, she said, ‘You and I have already met. You were at my 13th birthday party. My father is Sib Hashian, the drummer from Boston.’ I happened to be with a friend of mine on the way to Fenway Park and he said, ‘We just got to stop off at a buddy of mine’s house.’ So we’re forever bound by the fact that the mother of The Rock’s child turned 13 with me in attendance.”

Mick Foley had one of, if not, the most rough and tumble pro wrestling career in the history of the business. He went into how he feels physically these days and if nagging injuries hamper him at all.

“I’m doing a lot better,” He said, “I’ve dropped 75 pounds in eight months. I’m swimming and doing Diamond Dallas Page yoga and my goal is to run the Philadelphia Art Museum steps with Becky Lynch in December. So I’m going to get as close to being down 100 pounds as I can. I think that would be a pretty nice positive statement, considering I could barely get off my couch last December. I’m not saying I’m pain free by any means. To paraphrase the Godfather, ‘limpin’ ain’t easy,’ but I’m getting around much better.”

And finally Foley addressed the one thing he is asked about the most: Hell In A Cell 1998.

“I have been Bill Murray in Groundhog Day for 18 years,” He said, “Every day at least one person will walk up to me and ask, ‘Did it hurt?’ You try to have fun with it and gently remind people that you had matches where your front tooth wasn’t lodged in your nostril. But it packs an emotional wallop. Without giving too much away, there is a very emotional scene on the show where I confront the actual cell in the WWE warehouse. I got very choked up.”

He concluded on the point, “It made no logical sense to get so emotional about a steel object,” Foley said, “But it just felt like part of me, almost like seeing a family member that I didn’t know was still around.”

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