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Mickie James on TNA Pay

Mickie James recently spoke with RVA Magazine about her current status with TNA Wrestling.

“I can’t really speak on my status right now. Honestly though, I’m not technically under contract with them right now. As far as TNA itself, I wasn’t at the last TV so I can’t speak on that. The company is in the midst of change obviously and that process of changing over.”

Mickie also touched base on recent changes and pay issues withing the organization.

“They’ve gone live on the road and they just brought in this new head of talent [John Gaburick] who was with WWE for twenty years or so. I feel like there’s good energy around it, but in the midst of change, people get scared and there’s a bit of that as well. It’s hard to really say. There were rumors and speculation about late paychecks, but my paycheck was never late. It’s not untrue though; I do know that was an issue with some of the people.”

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  • The Troll Hunter

    Classy, unlike RVD & Tara who feels the need to throw TNA under the bus to kiss the ass of that overrated wwe crap!

    • thorcules

      Different strokes

    • Tsall13

      First of all RVD can say what he wants and cares less about what anyone or any company thinks cause he’s earned it…. second of all TNA couldn’t even use him right and didn’t even know how to promote him right… WWE has put the spotlight on him since he arrived while TNA wasted his legacy away… TNA is the place where talent go to die a slow miserable death in front of a few hundred while WWE is the opportunity to shine in front of 80,000 plus at the biggest event of the year… please don’t compare the two and say WWE is overrated cause TNA can’t even survive without daddy’s money and he even wants out of that sinking ship… TNA has one year to recover losses if they don’t I promise you Bob Carter is done and so is TNA so for all you delusional TNA fans out there try to enjoy the garbage promotion while you still can cause soon it will be another video library in the WWE…

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