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Mickie James on Her TNA Status, AJ Lee’s Character, More

– Mickie James joined Inside The Ropes this past Thursday to talk wrestling and music. Here are highlights:

Her status with TNA:

“I mean I really don’t know. I’m not at liberty to say. I’m sure people can figure it out.”

TNA Impact going on the road and the differences between the road and Orlando:

“Obviously there’s a huge difference. When we were in Orlando, you had vacationers but typically we had the same audience, the same hardcore audience that would come to every taping. I mean that was a cool factor but now being on the road, it’s different, the fans feel like they’re part of the show because it’s in their hometown, they’re gonna get a chance to get seen on TV ya know. I think it’s a great difference. You can see the energy of the show has changed, watching on TV and live, it transforms you as a performer. You feed off it I think.”

Thoughts on AJ Lee’s character and comparisons to her WWE character in 2005:

“You know I’ve heard that and I’ve seen that. I feel like they’ve done it a bit different which is good because obviously you don’t want to do it the same. I did get a chance to see her segments with Stephanie backstage and things people have Tweeted me whether it’s mashups or different things. It’s a cool thing. Obviously we did something right the first time or you wouldn’t want to do it again with a different angle.”

To hear the full chat where Mickie also discusses getting into country music, playing heel and face, reflecting on the Trish Stratus feud, working with Lita during her last WWE run and more head to http://www.facebook.com/theinsidenetwork.

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  • Tyler Drummond

    I never made the comparison between Mickie James’ character and AJ’s. I still don’t see it. Just because they are both “crazy”? If anything I think the Bayley character in NXT is more like Mickie,but Bayley isnt just fixated on one star.

    • Hasnan

      The mental breakdowns of AJ’s are the exact same as the ones Mickie had.

      • stevewiser

        Not really…

      • Tyler Drummond

        Yeah, but a lot of people have mental breakdowns like that. I see that as the craziness being similar, but not the character. There are different motivations, Different reasons, lots of differences to the characters themselves.

        • Hasnan

          Yes, but it is wrong to say that AJ’s character has 0 Mickie James in it.

          • Tyler Drummond

            That’s assuming that AJ Lee looked at Mickie’s character and took motivation from that. Besides, I never said AJ’s character has 0 Mickie James in it, I said that I dont see how the characters are all that similar. Being crazy and having mental breakdowns doesnt scream similarity to me, there are lots of characters like that. I dont see Mickie James when I see AJ Lee, that was my point.

          • Hasnan

            Just look at this


            I’ll show you crazy.. I’ll show you psycho

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