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The Miz Interviews Himself But Along Comes A Legend Killer

During last night’s segment of Miz TV, The Miz took the opportunity to interview a certain Legend Killer/A-Lister. None other than, the one, the only… The Miz.

“I cannot believe I am in the ring with The Miz,” Miz said to himself, “This is an honor, this is a privilege, and there are just so many questions that I have to ask you. Like, how do you remain so humble when everybody in the arena and everybody all over the world loves you and looks up to you?”

Getting up out of his chair, Miz removed his glasses and sat in the other chair directly adjacent to his original position. He put the mic up and began to speak thoughtfully.

“The people need a hero,” He answered to himself, “And I am everything the average person is not. I am a WWE superstar. I am a movie star. I am married to the perfect woman. And,” Adding a little extra mustard, “I am the current Intercontinental Champion!”

He continued, “I mean how much more can you do.¬†I just want everyone to be proud of me because they can’t be proud of themselves.”

Miz stood back up, put his glasses back on and returned to his original seat. He asked Maryse what it’s like being Princess Leia,¬†pointing out¬†that he is basically Han Solo.¬†But before the interview with himself could get¬†much farther, Randy Orton’s music hit and¬†The Viper came out to the ring.

After Randy made a joke about Miz being good at playing with himself, Miz asked, “Why did you interrupt Miz TV when in four weeks time at¬†Summerslam, you have a match with¬†The Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror, The…”

Orton cut Miz off, “Right, The Beast Incarnate, The Conqueror, Brock Lesnar, The Legend of the 23 and 1…” Orton trailed off but picked back up, “Maybe you forgot but I used to make a pretty good living here in the WWE killing legends.”

Orton stared icily at Miz. Eventually Orton challenged Miz to a match to which Miz responded by asking the audience if they’d like to see it. The audience cheered and Miz replied, “How bout noooooooo.”

“Are you scared of getting your ass whooped in front of your pretty little wife?” Orton asked as he looked at both Miz and Maryse, “Whoa, wait a minute,” Orton stepped back, “I’m getting mixed vibes here guys. Guys,” He leaned back in, “Who in this relationship is doing the pitchin’ and the catchin’?”

Enflamed by this comment, Maryse accepted the match on Miz’s behalf. The match itself was short and sweet. Two RKO’s and Orton scraped a little ring rust off at Miz’s expense.

The tone and content of the entire segment seemed a little edgier and thus funnier than the¬†tamer PG¬†show that has been the stamp of the WWE in recent years. As new eras go, the WWE brass seem to know where hardcore fan’s hearts are. Nostalgia for the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras would appear to be finally manifesting itself in the creative output.

And while over-the-top, raunchy gags may still not be appropriate for the publically traded company and it’s product, a little edge always does the body some good. So drink it in mannnnnn.

Highlights from the segment and the match can be seen here:

And here:

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