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Monday’s Raw Draws Worst Rating In 15 Years, Sami Callihan Competes In Dark Match

– Monday’s Raw broadcast drew a 2.48 cable rating, the program’s worst rating for a non-holiday episode since October 27, 1997 (which drew a 2.3). This is below the rating for the Oct. 1, 2012 show, which garnered a 2.54 in comparison.

The three-hour program averaged 3.55 million viewers, beating a year-low of 3.50 million viewers on Oct. 1. Raw drew 3.58 million viewers in the first hour, 3.65 million in the second hour, and 3.43 million in third and final hour.

Viewership for the third hour was a year-low, below 3.47 million viewers on Oct. 1. It was the tenth consecutive week where third hour viewership was below viewership in the second hour.

– Independent wrestling standout Sami Callihan competed in a dark match tonight prior to WWE’s slate of television tapings in Providence, Rhode Island. He was squashed by Johnny Curtis, with his offense being limited to two kicks. Curtis was billed as “Simply” Johnny Curtis, came out to tango entrance music and donned shiny pants. Following his victory, Curtis placed a rose on Callihan’s chest.

The match is Callihan’s first before a WWE audience. He participated in private tryouts before WWE officials prior to television tapings in March.


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  • Jon

    WWE, do the right thing and sign Sami Callihan!

  • GnarKiller

    Please WWE, for the love of any God that can be imagined by every person on this planet, sign “The Callihan Death Machine”

  • Jeff

    I don’t think it’s the 3 hours that’s losing the ratings.It’s the boring storylines and lack of star power.However the main event was alright tho..

  • rob


  • jayman

    They had to compete with The Presidential Debate and The NFL Game. Of course their gonna get shitty ratings.

  • James

    You mean Vickie Guerrero didn’t help the ratings???

  • 2caras

    Don’t 4get the BASEBALL GAME

  • Bruh Man

    THANKS ALOT Vickie & AJ !!!!!!!!!! WORST. RAW. EVER !!!

  • matthew

    Raw is so bad I’m a long time wrestling fan and this is the worst the wwe has ever been. Cut raw back to two hours 3 is too much I’m exhausted after raw and remember one good thing of the show.

  • Mike

    I’m a huge wrestling fan, and even I’m getting bored with WWE lately. Just here for anything with Punk, Ziggler, and Bryan. Aside from that, I really feel like it’s time for WWE to move past the PG era.

  • Adam

    WWEs storylines are nearly at their worst ever, after RAW i decided to only read WWE reports, and only watch TNA unless they go backwards again.

  • glitch

    i don’t usually stop watching midway through, but i kept thinking with each passing segment that this was indeed the worst raw i’ve ever watched since it’s beginning. putting vickie in charge sealed the deal. probably the most annoying personality on the entire roster, it’s like we’ve gone through this torture once when she was the gm on smackdown, and still vince doesn’t get that it’s not because she can create great heel heat when the crowd goes apes#@! at the sound of her voice, it’s that viewers genuinely can’t stand anything about her. it became absolutely clear that vince no longer has a clue on what’s good for his product.

  • Brody Lawrence


    They compete against MNF, NLCS Game 7, and the Presidential debate yet for some reason one of their worst shows ever drew its lowest ratings ever.
    PSHAW. PSHAW I say. It’s not the sub 2.00 rating I was hoping for but I’ll take it.

    Serves that idiot Vince Mcmahon right. I think Chris DeJoseph was right about Vince. He can’t remember what happened more than 3 weeks ago so he assumes the fans don’t either. What other explanation can there be for replacing AJ as GM with Vickie Fucking Guerrero over such a blatantly ridiculous reason. Because Vickie NEVER used her position of authority to show bias toward any WWE star. Even his explanation to Cena was a load of stupid drivel that he couldn’t back up with any credible justification. WWE should be lucky their ratings weren’t even lower.

  • Chelsii.

    Who would even watch the presidential debate? Just two old men arguing about who’s going to ruin the world first.

  • Rybork

    @ Jeff, what the hell are you talking about? I don’t even get why his post has so many likes. They are ACTUALLY bothering with making the storylines interesting, they’re giving every division mic time and ring time, its much better than it used to be. However its the fact that its 3 long hours that makes it boring. You honestly have got to be kidding me if you think this sudden drop is not because of 3 hours, it obviously is.

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