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Raw Rating Is In

Monday’s episode of Raw scored a 2.73 cable TV rating, which is down from the previous week’s 2.75 rating. As noted earlier, Raw averaged 3.768 million viewers, which is fewest viewers since October 7th episode.

This week’s show averaged 3.867 million viewers in the first hour, 3.834 million viewers in the second hour and 3.603 million viewers in the third and final hour which featured the big six on six angle to end the show.

Raw ranked #2 on cable TV Monday night, trailing Monday Night Football game.

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  • Tommy Colosi

    not bad for taped

  • Rotnerd

    watched it dvr, they treated the uk, like a ppv, good stuff

  • Me

    Maybe the low rating was from the confusion in the first segment. I can get Maddox and Kane fighting over who gets to run Raw, but Vickie? She has about as much claim to run RAW as Michael Cole.

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