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Raw Rating & Viewership News

Monday’s episode of Raw scored a 2.95 cable TV rating, which is slightly down from last week’s 2.96 rating. The episode averaged 4.111 million viewers, down from an average of 4.178 million viewers the previous week.

Raw averaged 3.743 million viewers the first hour, 4.273 million the second, and 4.317 million viewers for the final third hour.

Raw ranked #2 in overall viewers Monday night behind behind “Major Crimes” on TNT, and ranked #1 in key male demos.

Source: PWTorch.com

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  • jcice13

    he’s something that bothers me..if Sandow is supposed to be this genius of men then why doesn’t he bring a bogus MITB briefcase with him to the ring when he has no intentions of cashing in, that way when rhodes steals it or messes with it sandow can say that not only is the contract not in that briefcase but it’s not even the real one to begin with, wouldn’t that make him seem smart?

    • YoungAngryMan

      OK. there is a lot of things stupid about this comment, but the one i’m going to tackle is…….WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE??!!

      • jcice13

        since it was an article about RAW I just made a comment about the show , and how is what I said stupid? it makes perfect sense, if they want to write a character that’s supposed to be the “intellectual” savior they should have him being smarter than others what’s stupid about that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Danny.Rocks.Mountain.Tops Daniel Vollmer

    it keeps having stable steady ratings..thats great.

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