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Monday’s Raw Rating & Viewership News

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw garnered a 2.9 rating with 4.193 million viewers. The numbers were up from last week’s 2.76 rating and 4.076 million viewers.

The show drew 4.154 million viewers the first hour, 4.399 million the second hour and 4.027 million viewers for the third hour.

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  • Austin

    Go Fuck your Mom you Facebook Assholes

  • brandon

    Squash the vickie AJ John Cena angle. It’s getting hard to watch.

  • carol

    How could the ratings go up after what CM Punk and Paul Hayman did, made fun of Jerry’s heart attack. Although it was acting, it was in POOR taste and judgement!! Although all parties probably gave the ok, the writers when WAY TOO FAR! A person having a heart attack is NO laughing matter!!! Although Jarry and CM punk on tv don’t like each other, they could’ve done something better….THUMBS DOWN TO THE WWE WRITERS!!!

  • Brody Lawrence

    @Carol The ratings went way up for hour 2 when Lawler made his return then nosedived afterwards by about 400,000 viewers. Serves them right.

  • Mick

    You know the old days when RAW averaged low 3s, and even an occasional 3.5? Now they average high 2s, and all this ties with the 3 hour era. How sad.

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