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Money In The Bank Results: Lunatic Holds The Contract

It’s time for the match this entire show was named for; a match which, in 20 minutes or so, can make one man’s year, if not his entire career. No pressure, right?

Jericho was the first to try and get a ladder in, before all the action spilled to the outside. And after that first round of chaos, Jericho was actually able to bring the first ladder into the ring.

Zayn would be the first one to actually open up a ladder and make a run for the briefcase, but Del Rio yanked him down just in time. And then Alberto takes on, and out, just about everyone else. Including hanging up Cesaro in the corner, propped up on a ladder, and nailing a stomp off the top rope.

After a series of nasty spots, Jericho had his hands on the case, only to have Sami slow him down, and Owens topple the whole ladder.

Then things just broke down into a spotfest, and it just needs to be seen to be believed. I mean, they built a ladder bridge? All 6 men were inches away from the briefcase at the same time? Amazing stuff.

Owens and Ambrose were fighting at the top of the ladder, with Ambrose bouncing Owens’ face off the steps until Owens fell backwards, allowing Ambrose to claim his first Money In The Bank briefcase.

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