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Money In The Bank Results: Rusev Breaks Titus

It’s time for the United States title match, which has a tough act to follow after both Cena/Styles and the Money In The Bank match. It’s also worth pointing out that the match is starting after 10:30 EST, and while Game 7 is in the final minute of regulation. The match is going to be short (or the WWE title match will be), and viewing may be down a bit.

And with that said, let’s see if Titus has a chance.

Just when Rusev appeared to threaten Titus’s sons at ringside, O’Neill unloads and gets extremely aggressive.

Rusev gets things back into the ring, and begins to take control of the match.

Titus fought back, even managing to block an Accolade attempt. But Rusev mounted a comeback, nailing a succession of kicks before locking in the Accolade, and O’Neill had no choice but to tap out.

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