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Money In The Bank Results: Crews Comes Up Big

It’s time for New Era versus…well, I’m not really sure where Sheamus falls,but we can call him Old School for this one-for the sake of argument.

This match starts out as more of a fight and less of a match, as these two are determined to make this one a very physical match early on, but neither man is gaining a decisive edge. Sheamus takes some control in the early stages, but Apollo is staying with him.

Apollo mounted a nice bit of offense too, including a belly to belly suplex launching Sheamus to the outside, which he followed up with a moonsault.

Sheamus appeared to have things in the bag, landing White Noise from the 2nd turnbuckle, but Crews kicked out. As Sheamus argued with the ref, Apollo rolled the Irishman up and got the pinfall.

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