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Money In The Bank Results: Styles Clubs Cena

It’s the dream match, a match with enough prestige it could likely main event WrestleMania, even without any gold involved. Yes, it’s AJ Styles against John Cena, in Cena’s first scheduled PPV match since last year (not counting WM, as it was neither announced, nor really much of a match).

As these two felt each other out, one thing was perfectly clear-this crowd is hot, and very into this match.

This has every bit of the big fight feel we expected, with the crowd seemingly chanting the entire match. Every time Cena would get something going, AJ was quick to cut him off and take him out of his routine.

Each man is pulling out all the stops, hitting each other with everything they can. It’s been an amazing match.

As they exchange big spots, the referee is knocked out, and of course, down come The Club, and a Magic Killer later, AJ gets the pin.

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