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Money in the Bank PPV Results: WWE Live Play by Play

– The 2013 WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff pre-show kicks off with fans filing into the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Josh Mathews welcomes us to the pre-show. He’s joined by Vickie Guerrero, Big Show and Kofi Kingston. They briefly talk about tonight’s pay-per-view before we go to the ring.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Usos vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

The entrance way is lined with ladders as The Usos make their way out to the ring. Out next come WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Jey Uso and Rollins start things out. Uso with a quick roll up. Back and forth. Another Uso pin attempt. And another. Rollins goes to the corner to re-group. Reigns comes in and goes at it with Uso. More back and forth. We cut to a WWE App promo and other commercials mid-match.

Back from the break and The Usos are still in control. A slam and another 2 count. Rollins nails a dropkick and finally gets some good offense in. Reigns comes back in and slams Uso to the mat. Reigns misses an elbow drop. Uso comes back with more offense. He knocks Rollins off the apron but Reigns levels him with a clothesline, sending him out to the floor. Rollins rolls Uso back in the ring and covers for a 2 count.

Reigns and Rollins with some double teaming now. Reigns takes control and works over Uso near the corner. Rollins comes back in for a 2 count. Rollins with a submission attempt. More offense and quick tags by The Shield. Reigns comes in and Uso kicks him away going for a tag. Rollins knocks the other Uso off the apron and prevents the tag. Reigns dumps Uso on the floor and Rollins nails a clothesline. Reigns brings him back in the ring for a 2 count. We cut to another set of commercials.

The Usos make a comeback. JBL says Rikishi is smiling at home as they hit the splash in a corner and a superman punch. Uso with a Samoan Drop for a close 2 count on Rollins. Uso goes to the top for the big splash but Rollins knocks him off. Rollins climbs up for a superplex but the other Uso comes in and climbs up with them. Reigns comes in and sends everyone to the mat from the top. Rollins goes for a tag but Uso pulls Reigns off the apron. Rollins goes for a suicide dive but Uso nails him. Rollins turns around to a big superkick. Uso nails the big splash from the top but Reigns breaks the pin right before the 3 count. Uso goes down after a superman punch. It comes down to Jimmy and Rollins. The fans chant “this is awesome” as Uso goes to the top for a super Samoan Drop. Rollins counters and Reigns helps him nail a powerbomb into the corner. Reigns tags in and hits the spear for the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

– We go back to Mathews, Guerrero, Kofi and Big Show to talk about the match. They also talk about tonight’s WWE Title match and the return of Rob Van Dam. We go to a promo for RVD’s return.

– The panel will be back after the pay-per-view to discuss things. We go to the announcers as Dean Ambrose waits in the ring for tonight’s opener.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a Shot at the the World Heavyweight Title: Fandango vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Wade Barrett

The pre-show is still on as WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose waits in the ring. Fandango is out next with Summer Rae.

The 2013 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view kicks off with a video package for tonight’s event. We go back to the ring for tonight’s opener as Fandango is finishing his entrance. Lilian Garcia introduces Ambrose. Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro are out next with Zeb Colter. Colter cuts a promo and says tonight is a night of redemption. He says either Swagger or Cesaro will win tonight. It’s more than a contract to them, it’s a key to taking our nation back. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are out next together. They cut promos on the way to the ring also. Sandow rips on the Rocky Balboa character. Wade Barrett’s music interrupts and out he comes.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Ambrose and Cesaro go at it. Swagger makes the save and they double team Ambrose. Sandow and Rhodes bring a ladder over and start using it. They bring it in the ring but Swagger and Cesaro have a ladder of their own. Both teams go at it. Swagger and Cesaro get the upperhand and lean another ladder in the corner. Cesaro with a big gutwrench with Cody on top of the ladder. Swagger tosses Sandow on top of the ladder next. Swagger and Cesaro miss Cody and collide with ladders. Swagger knocks down Cody and sets up a ladder to climb. Ambrose comes in and cuts him off. Ambrose misses a ladder shot but sends Swagger face first into it. Ambrose with a big right hand before sending Swagger to the floor. Ambrose goes to climb the ladder but Barrett stops him.

Barrett gets the upperhand. Fandango springboards in with a leg drop on Barrett and the ladder. Fandango climbs the ladder but Sandow grabs his leg. Ambrose takes out Cody on the top turnbuckle. Barrett pulls Ambrose out of the ring and rams him into the apron. Sandow pulls Fandango from the ladder and whips him into the mat. Sandow suplexes Fandango on a ladder leaned in the corner. Barrett brings a piece of a ladder leg into the ring and unloads on Sandow with it. Barrett climbs the ladder but Ambrose meets him at the top. Swagger pulls Barrett off the ladder and Cesaro catches him with an uppercut in mid-air. Swagger slams Ambrose from the ladder but Ambrose turns it into a DDT. Cesaro climbs up but Cody meets him. They go at it. Cody nails a musclebuster from the ladder on to another ladder.

Barrett hits a big kick on Cody. Barrett with a neckbreaker. Swagger catapults Sandow into a ladder out on the floor. Cody brings a ladder out to the floor. Swagger and Barrett meet on top of the ladder. Barrett goes down. Swagger reaches but Barrett climbs back up and sends him to the floor with a big Bullhammer Elbow. Barrett reaches for the briefcase but Fandango stops him. Fandango and Barrett both tumble hard to the mat. Fandango goes to climb back up as Summer cheers him on. Ambrose comes in and stops Fandango from climbing. Ambrose lays out Fandango and starts climbing. Cesaro meets Ambrose on the ladder. Cesaro folds the ladder up. Swagger pulls Ambrose from it. Ambrose grabs a ladder and spins around, taking out Swagger and Cesaro. They get back up and lift him with his head in between the ladder rungs. Ambrose “skins the cat” on the ladder and stands on top of it while Swagger and Cesaro are carrying it. They dump Ambrose out to the floor. Very cool spot there. They toss the ladder out on top of Barrett now. Zeb orders Cesaro to stand on Swagger’s shoulders so he can reach the briefcase. Cody springboards in and dropkicks them both down.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as Cody takes control. Cody with Cross Rhodes on Fandango. Cody blocks Wasteland and hits Cross Rhodes on Barrett. Fans chant for Cody as he goes outside and grabs a ladder, one of the bigger ones at ringside. Cody sets the ladder up and starts to climb. Everyone else is down outside the ring. Ambrose meets Cody up on the ladder and they fight it out. Cody pulls Dean’s face into the ladder and sends him to the mat. Cody reaches for the briefcase but Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns run out and attack him. He fights them off and reaches again. Rollins and Reigns come back, drag Cody off the ladder and beat him down. Barrett catches a kick from Rollins. Reigns spears Fandango. The Shield sets the ladder up for Ambrose but The Usos make the save. Cesaro and Swagger join in on fighting off The Shield. Ambrose climbs the ladder but Cody pushes it over. Ambrose falls from high up, on top of everyone at ringside. Cody sets the ladder back up and the fans cheer for him. Cody climbs up for the briefcase but Sandow shoves him off. Sandow reaches up and grabs the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

– After the match, a trainer checks on Cody as Sandow celebrates. Cody looks at Sandow shocked and Sandow stares back at him. Sandow shows off his briefcase to the fans at ringside before heading to the back.

– Justin Roberts is in the ring. He says the following person wants a warm Philadelphia reaction. Out comes new RAW General Manager Brad Maddox. Maddox talks about Vickie Guerrero being fired. It was his decision to put Vickie on the pre and post-show panel tonight. He puts the spotlight on Vickie and tells her to take a bow. Vickie doesn’t look happy. Maddox thanks Vickie for accepting this secondary position. Maddox says he and everyone else wants to thank Vickie for her contributions to RAW. Maddox goes on and rubs it in. Maddox turns everyone’s attention to the big screen for a mocking tribute video he’s made for Vickie. Brad wants everyone to stand and applaud Vickie. The music hits and out comes The Miz.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Miz makes his way out first. WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel is out next with Paul Heyman at his side.

They lock up and Miz applies a headlock first. Miz drops Axel for a weak pin attempt as Axel kicks out at 1. Heyman gives Axel a pep talk real quick. They lock up again and Axel goes to work on Miz. Miz ends up getting into with Heyman on the floor. Miz acts like Heyman hits him and the referee ejects Heyman from ringside.

Axel in control with another pin attempt. Axel stomps and puts the boot to Miz in the corner. Axel with a dropkick and more trash talking to Miz. Miz starts to make a comeback and drops Axel with a big boot to the face. Miz climbs to the top for a double ax handle blow and a 2 count. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale but it’s blocked by Axel. Axel goes for the Perfectplex but Miz counters and goes for the Figure Four. Axel sends him into the ring post. Axel nails the Perfectplex for a 2 count. More back and forth. Miz applies the Figure Four but Axel eventually counters it. Miz turns it back over but Axel gets the ropes and breaks the hold.

More back and forth. Axel kicks Miz in the face and drops him on his head for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

WWE Divas Title Match: Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out with Big E Langston. Kaitlyn is out next. We see footage from the contract signing brawl on SmackDown.

We see Layla at ringside with Kaitlyn tonight. The bell rings and Kaitlyn strikes first. She works AJ over. They end up on the floor and AJ sends Kaitlyn into the ring post, then works on her arm. AJ brings Kaitlyn back in the ring for a 2 count. AJ keeps working on the shoulder now. AJ with a submission as Layla cheers Kaitlyn on.

AJ with another submission as she taunts Kaitlyn in her ear. Kaitlyn comes back and breaks the hold with a big backbreaker. Kaitlyn drops AJ with a high elbow and a dropkick. Kaitlyn with a flying shoulder and an inverted DDT for a 2 count. AJ smacks Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn runs over her with a clothesline for a 2 count. AJ blocks a suplex and drops Kaitlyn on her arm. More back and forth. AJ ends up getting the win after a Black Widow.

Winner: AJ Lee

– We go back to the panel to talk about what’s happened so far.

Ryback vs. Chris Jericho

We go to the ring and out first comes Chris Jericho. Ryback is out next.

They lock up and Ryback shoves Jericho to the mat. Jericho comes right back but Ryback sends him down. Jericho brawls and they trade shots. Ryback drops Jericho and goes to work with right hands. Ryback with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Jericho fires back with chops. Ryback rolls out of the ring and takes a breather. Ryback comes back on the apron and teases re-entering the ring but goes back to the floor. Ryback comes back to the apron and Jericho runs and dropkicks him. Jericho with a big right hand to the back of the head from the top. Jericho unloads on Ryback now. Jericho with more chops in the corner. Ryback comes out of the corner and runs over Jericho with a big clothesline. Ryback with stomps now.

Jericho makes a comeback and unloads again. Ryback with a shot to the throat after suckering Jericho in. Ryback comes back in for another 2 count. Ryback with a headlock now. Fans chant for Jericho. Jericho fights to his feet but Ryback scoop slams him back down. Ryback goes to the second rope and splashes down for a 2 count. Ryback runs the ropes and knocks Jericho off the apron, into the announcers table. Ryback brings it back in and kicks Jericho in the ribs. Ryback stands on Jericho’s face as the fans boo. Ryback tosses Jericho across the ring and takes his time. Ryback with another headlock.

Jericho fights back and goes for a pin attempt. Ryback with another move but Jericho counters and goes for Walls of Jericho. Ryback blocks it. Jericho comes back with a shoulder but Ryback tosses him to the apron. Jericho goes up top but Ryback catches him with a big overhead throw. Ryback nails the Meathook clothesline. Ryback nails Shellshocked and a big powerbomb for a close 2 count. Jericho takes out Ryback’s leg and hits an enziguri. Jericho with a 2 count. Jericho nails a modified Codebreaker on the ropes and Ryback falls out to the floor. The referee begins to count. Ryback makes it in at the 9 count. Jericho goes to the top and nails a crossbody for 2. Ryback presses Jericho high in the air but Jericho counters with a big DDT for a close 2 count. Jericho with forearm shots now. Jericho misses a Lionsault but lands on his feet. Ryback rolls him up for the 3 count.

Winner: Ryback

– We get a video package for the new WWE Performance Center.

– We get a video package for tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out first comes Dolph Ziggler by himself. Out next comes the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, without the suspended Ricardo Rodriguez.

Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions as we get ready to go. Fans chant “lets go Ziggler” as the bell rings. Ziggler with a quick roll up for 2. Ziggler shows off and the crowd pops. Del Rio with a kick and a forearm for a 2 count. Del Rio takes Ziggler back to the mat with a headlock. Del Rio with a big shoulder block. Ziggler comes back with a dropkick and a 2 count. Ziggler with offense in the corner and a 1 count. Ziggler with a series of elbow drops now. He clotheslines Del Rio out to the floor and follows. Ziggler brings it back in the ring but Del Rio nails an enziguri. Ziggler rolls to the floor and Del Rio follows, sending him into the fan barrier.

Del Rio with more offense in the corner and a headlock. Ziggler comes back with a roll up for 2 and then a big dropkick. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner and hits his head on the turnbuckle. Del Rio with more offense as the fans boo him. Del Rio comes back in the ring and hits a bunch of forearms to the kidneys. Del Rio with a shot to the back of the head. Del Rio with a big stomp and more taunting Ziggler. Del Rio goes for a dropkick on the ropes but Ziggler moves and Del Rio lands out on the floor. Del Rio goes to the top but Ziggler runs up, catches him and face plants Del Rio on the mat. 2 count for Ziggler.

More back and forth now. Del Rio charges in the corner but Ziggler moves and Del Rio hits the ring post. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for another pin attempt. Del Rio blocks the big leg drop and nails a German suplex for a close 2 count. Del Rio with shoulders in the corner now. Del Rio misses a big enziguri and Ziggler nails the big leg drop for 2. Fans chant for Ziggler as he goes for a sleeper. Del Rio blocks it and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Del Rio shows frustration now. Del Rio goes to the top but Ziggler dropkicks him on the way down. 2 count for Ziggler. AJ’s music hits and out she comes skipping around the ring. Ziggler is distracted by AJ and asks why she’s out here. Ziggler goes for a neckbreaker but it’s blocked. Ziggler blocks Del Rio but hits a big DDT for a 2 count. Ziggler tells AJ to leave again. Ziggler goes to the top and is distracted by AJ but Del Rio cuts him off. Del Rio climbs up and smacks Ziggler around. Del Rio with the face plant from the top for 2. Fans chant for Ziggler again. Ziggler blocks the cross armbreaker. Ziggler misses a big right hand and Del Rio drops him on his face. Del Rio with a superkick for 2. Ziggler blocks a superkick. AJ runs in and hits Del Rio with the Divas Title belt, just as Ziggler is going for the Zig Zag.

Winner by DQ: Alberto Del Rio

– After the match, Ziggler goes nuts and AJ looks shocked. She apologizes as Ziggler talks with the referee. Del Rio celebrates as AJ tries to talk to Ziggler. We go to replays. Ziggler and AJ argue about what happened. Ziggler leaves without AJ. Fans chant “you screwed Ziggler” as she cries.

– We get a video for the National Guard. Lilian Garcia points out and thanks some of the Pennsylvania National Guard members in the audience.

– We get a video for Mark Henry vs. John Cena.

WWE Title Match: Mark Henry vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out comes Mark Henry. Henry is ready to fight as he hits the ring. The boos begin as WWE Champion John Cena makes his way out.

Justin Roberts does formal ring introductions and Henry gets a very mixed reaction. Cena gets more boos. Cena charges and Henry drops him with a knee. Henry with a big shot to the face now. Henry works Cena over and into the corner. Henry takes his time beating Cena around the ring. Another big headbutt from Henry. Cena rolls out to the floor but Henry follows. Henry suplexes Cena and drops him over top of the steel steps. Henry rolls Cena back in the ring and covers for 2.

Henry keeps control and nails Cena across the back of the neck. Henry with another 2 count and some frustration. Cena finally gets some offense in and hits a dropkick. Cena runs into Henry and goes down. Fans pop for that. Henry spins around and slings Cena into the corner. They go back to the floor and Henry slings Cena head first into the fan barrier. Henry brings it back in the ring but wastes some time. Henry charges in the corner but Cena moves. Cena tries to slam Henry but it’s too much and Henry falls on top of Cena for a 2 count.

Cena finally fires back with right hands. Cena with a pair of shoulder tackles to take Henry off his feet. Cena with a side suplex. Cena nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but can’t get Henry up. Henry with another 2 count. Henry scoops Cena for a slam but Cena grabs the top rope. Henry pulls him away. Cena counters a slam with a DDT. Cena goes for another AA and gets Henry up this time. Cena nails it but Henry kicks out at 2.

Cena goes to the top but Henry catches him in mid-air. Henry nails a World’s Strongest Slam for a close 2 count. More back and forth. Cena applies the STF but Henry makes it to the ropes. Henry hits a low blow that the referee doesn’t see and covers for a close 2 count. Cena blocks a World’s Strongest Slam and locks in the STF. Henry crawls for the ropes but Cena pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Henry taps out.

Winner: John Cena

– After the match, Cena grabs the WWE title belt ready to fight Henry off. Henry rolls out of the ring and asks the referee to assist him to the back. We go to replays. Cena celebrates with the WWE Title and heads to the back.

– We go back to the panel to talk about what’s happened tonight.

– Fans chant for RVD as the announcers lead us to a video package for The Wyatt Family, showing how they took out Kane on RAW.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a Shot at the WWE Title: Rob Van Dam vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk

We go back to the ring and fans are still chanting for Rob Van Dam. His music hits and here he comes to a big pop. Christian is out next followed by Daniel Bryan to a big pop. Randy Orton comes out next to another big pop. Sheamus is out next followed by CM Punk to another big ovation from the Philly crowd.

The bell rings and everyone looks at each other. Fans chant for RVD. RVD poses and everyone attacks him. They beat RVD down and the crowd boos. RVD gets dumped out to the floor. The 5 other Superstars go at it now. Punk and Bryan face off alone in the ring as the fans pop. RVD tries to get back in the ring but gets kicked out. Bryan and Punk go at it now. Punk goes for a GTS but Bryan slides out and goes for the Yes Lock. Sheamus brings a ladder in and runs them both over. Christian comes off the top but Sheamus hits him. Orton drops Sheamus with a dropkick. RVD finally comes off the top and nails Sheamus with a big kick. RVD and Punk go at it. RVD drops Punk and drops Bryan with kicks. RVD sends Christian flying. Another kick to Orton. RVD poses and the fans chant his name.

RVD blocks Killswitch and sends Christian into the ladder. RVD continues to dominate and drops Orton with a kick. RVD goes up top for a Five Star frogsplash but Christian knocks him off with a ladder. Christian brings a small ladder and regular ladder into the ring. Christian cleans house and climbs up for the briefcase. Sheamus stops him and hits a big shoulder thrust into the corner. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Christian cuts him off. Christian goes back for the briefcase but Sheamus stops him. Sheamus goes for a Celtic Cross but Christian slides out. Sheamus blocks a ladder shot and decks Christian with a right hand. Christian goes down and out of the ring. Sheamus sets up a ladder but RVD stops him from getting the briefcase. Sheamus grabs RVD and hits the rolling senton on top of the ladder. Sheamus kicks RVD out and stops Bryan from coming in. Sheamus works over Bryan on the announce table and into the barrier.

Bryan ends up running the apron and hitting knees to the face of Sheamus. Punk sets up the ladder and works over Orton. Punk climbs up but Orton stops him. Punk fights him off but Orton pulls him down. Orton climbs up but Christian stops him. Punk climbs up. Bryan brings a ladder beside his. All 6 Superstars are on 2 ladders now. Everyone reaches for the briefcase. It starts swinging and everyone goes down with the ladders. Sheamus gets up and unloads on everyone. Sheamus rams Christian into the ladder and hits White Noise. Sheamus sets up a ladder but stops to hit RVD in the head with it. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on RVD. The fans boo Sheamus as he climbs up. Bryan meets him and they trade shots on top of the ladder. Sheamus turns him around and hits the series of forearms to the chest. Sheamus sends Bryan to the mat and grabs the briefcase. Punk stops him. Sheamus hangs from the briefcase and falls to the mat without taking it down. Punk with chops in the corner now. Sheamus turns it around and fires back.

Punk takes out Sheamus with a ladder and bows for the crowd. Orton attacks Punk from behind. They trade shots. Orton hits a t-bone suplex into the ladder with Punk. Orton drops Punk again and he rolls out to the floor. Orton gets speared by Christian. Christian knocks Bryan off the apron. Christian sets up the ladder and climbs but RVD cuts him off. RVD props up a ladder in the corner. RVD with the spinning leg drop on Christian before climbing up. Christian stops him and the fans chant for tables. Christian moves the standing ladder into the opposite. Christian grabs another ladder and sets it up. RVD meets him on the top and they trade shots. RVD reaches for the briefcase but Christian goes for it also. The ladder falls over but RVD jumps onto another. RVD nails a barely Five Star Frogsplash from the top of the ladder onto Christian. RVD hurts himself but climbs up as the fans chant his name. Sheamus comes in and climbs up, trading shots with RVD. RVD sends Sheamus to the mat and grabs the briefcase but Sheamus pushes the ladder over. RVD catches his chin on the top rope and lands hard.

Bryan comes over with kicks for both men. Orton comes in but Bryan dropkicks a ladder into him. Bryan leaps out and hits Punk on the floor. Bryan back in with a missile dropkick for Sheamus and RVD at the same time. Bryan decks Orton, RVD and Sheamus with a ladder. Sheamus falls from the top out to the floor and lands hard on a ladder, breaking it. Bryan sets up the ladder and climbs. Curtis Axel runs down and whacks Bryan with a steel chair. Axel hits Bryan again and sends him to the floor. Axel nails his finisher on the floor and leaves Bryan laying. Punk grabs Axel and nails GTS on the floor. Paul Heyman comes down and asks Axel what the hell he was doing. Heyman chews Axel out for messing with Punk. Punk rolls in and starts climbing but he’s slow. Heyman cheers him on. Heyman crawls in the ring and hits Punk with a ladder. Heyman with another ladder shot to Punk, sending him to the mat. Heyman slams ladder into Punk’s head and walks off to the back. RVD climbs up now but Orton pulls him off and nails a RKO in mid-air. Orton climbs up and looks around, everyone is down. Orton grabs the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Orton celebrates. We go to replays. Money in the Bank goes off the air with Orton celebrating with his briefcase.

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  • Charles Smith

    Comments are 10 minutes ahead of the updates

    • Matt Rennick

      The updates wait til the match is over

      • Charles Smith

        Apparently I’d have to wait ten minutes after the match is over

  • Same spot from their ladder match.

  • Brandon Wise

    That’s all I wanted to see! Vintage RVD!

  • The New Millenium

    Bryan’s on fire!!

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    Woah Curve ball!

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    Wow I’m confused…

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    thats why

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  • Fernando Oliveira

    WTF ?!

  • The New Millenium

    I knew it was coming, but my heart literally cracked into one thousand pieces…

  • Brandon Wise

    This match is wild!

  • Robert Krause


  • The New Millenium

    Awesome RKO!

  • Matt Rennick

    Was Punk busted open?

    • Fernando Oliveira

      Pretty bad.

      • Matt Rennick

        Thought so. The stream I’m watching isn’t the greatest

  • Robert Krause

    not again….

  • Robert Krause

    10 minutes left tho

  • Brady Trappett

    Now I’m done.

  • Brady Trappett

    I’m sick of Randy Boreton, Cena, and ADR.

  • *Sighs* All my scenarios just happened in one setting……

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    well I have lost faith

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    oh well bit supprised bout both money in banks

  • Fernando Oliveira

    Well, see ya guys tomorrow for Raw !

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    Too much screwing in one PPV…

    • The New Millenium

      Haha, “screwing” XD. But yeah, I agree

  • Brandon Wise

    Great PPV!!

  • Charles Smith

    Glad I didn’t order it, yet another ppv not worth the $60

  • Wilson Fisk

    a heel turn for Orton can happen anytime now.

  • Mario Peralta

    What a let down, Orton?!? Are you serious?

  • Stacey John

    What? I had high hopes for this PPV after the Tag Team Title Match and the opening MITB but the second half let it down for me. Bryan should of won the MITB

  • Aaron

    Looks like they’re are going for a Bryan-Axel feud and the Punk-Lesnar match at Summerslam!

    • Dave

      Battle of the Beards for Bryan-Axel feud?

  • Adolph Ziggler

    y no wyatt family?

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    im not ok orton wining but a heel turn is a defiantly on cards for when he cashs in but the surprise for me was sandow just wow

  • rob

    it would have been great if they brought in some one TNAs let go

  • Chelsii?

    WWE’s writers are probably some of the most incompetent, incoherent people on Earth.

    Dolph Ziggler, who worked his lovely ass off for over a year for that World Heavyweight title run. He earned that title run and when he cashed in his briefcase, it was suppose to be the best night of his career. Then Swagger had to accidentally give Ziggler a concussion, and after Ziggler was finally able to compete again… they took the title off him and gave it to the most boring person in their company. Del Rio isn’t suppose to be anything more than a transitional champion, sick and tired of someone like Del Rio being in the title picture all the time.

    Ziggler had to put up with all the constant jobbing and other rubbish to finally get what he deserved. He earned that title run and now it was all for nothing, all the stupid things we’ve had to see Ziggler go through with that briefcase. They should’ve immediately given him the title last night, but they completely screwed Ziggler, again.

    Also, why do we have to see Cena/Orton again?!?

  • Money in the Bank was a really good PPV from the start. Thought I wanted Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes to win the WHC MITB Ladder Match, but I think Damien Sandow isn’t that bad either. WWE has an opportunity to make Sandow and Rhodes big players if they just remain steady with their storyline rather than going for an all out attack and have them face each other at SummerSlam only. I’d say let them stick as a tag team (Unlikely Duo), Sandow cashes in the contract somewhere around Survivor Series and wins the title, Rhodes wins the Rumble next year and the two finally square off at WrestleMania. This would make them major players. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler gel with each other so well, I could watch them wrestle against one another all day long. This rivalry is a definite contender for Feud of the Year and has the potential to become like Cena vs Punk, Austin vs Rock and Orton vs Christian. Lastly, Orton winning the MITB. I have no issues with Orton winning the MITB since I wanted Heel Orton vs Cena for SummerSlam. It’s been a long time coming, but part of me has issues with Daniel Bryan not winning the MITB. Daniel Bryan had all the momentum going for him and it’s a shame that WWE decided not to capitalize it. Bryan vs Curtis would be fine, but Bryan competing for the IC title now would definitely make me uncomfortable.

  • Joseph Douglas

    Big surprise Cena retained. Dammit WWE

  • Read my statement to ‘The New Millenium.’

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  • He used it on Raw on Dragon before i believe.

  • It should’ve been on the ppv, but i think they would’ve had time restraints. So i can understand that, if they give all of the matches enough time that is. Axel vs Miz are much more for storyline purposes so i can see why it was placed over this. But the match was awesome! Proof to show The Shield can have a awesome match and work with everyone! And oh yeah if they’ve more tag team matches like this, it can very well save the division.

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  • haha youre gonna hate it if Bray Wyatt comes out you know some as*hole is gonna start a Husky Harris chant

  • Fernando Oliveira

    It was a nice tribute… R.I.P. Eddie !


    Philly fans

  • Fernando Oliveira

    Hahahaha… That was awesome !


    I always wanted to see an ROH Show

  • Matt Rennick

    Probably since Trish and Lita. I’m glad it’s becoming relevant again

  • Fernando Oliveira

    Me too, but it’s virtually impossible see one in my country.

  • Crazy like a fox, it’s a old term but everyone knows it very well cause Of AR Fox, and J.B.L knows Fox and several others indypendent wrestlers very well too. So naturally it’s a reference to him, since PWG and DGUSA uses that term for Fox


    Lawler has been kind of quiet tonight


    Same here they don’t come to the west coast

  • I’ll have to watch that again!

  • I’ll check later on if it was a Cattle Multilation or not. I sorta missed that part and came back and saw a modified chickenwing.

  • its so strange how he will not say what the moves are he always call german suplexes (or any suplex) throws…its so fu*king annoying…#ColeSoreStrikesAgain #VintageColeSore


    Yeah they had a show a lil while ago when Sami Callahan was still there

  • Yup i knew it. It was a filler fake finish that lead into real finish.

  • Stacey John

    Even Jericho can’t get me interested in this match.

  • Charles Smith

    They aren’t allowed to use technical terms anymore they aren’t even allowed to refer to the wrestlers as “wrestlers” they’re” entertainers”

  • and its a damn shame!!

  • jcice13

    give him time he’ll dust off some oldies for you

  • Stacey John

    Thank god for that

  • Stacey John

    It just seems more natural, Ziggler and Flair

  • yeah he is the other lil naitch lol

  • Charles Smith

    The Nature Boy Dolph Ziggler? Could be flair wasn’t the first nature boy, should he be the last?

  • Stacey John

    Charles Robinson?

  • haha yeah thats why i said the OTHER lil naitch lol

  • Stacey John

    Imagining Lilian Garcia introducing him as “The Nature Boy Dolph Ziggler” lol

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Better for Dolph’s career for this not to happen. Ric Flair’s legacy can’t be anything but an albatross for an up-and-coming superstar. Allow Dolph Ziggler to be the first Dolph Ziggler instead of trying to make him the ‘next’ something else.

  • exactly then she makes out with Big E?!?!

  • lol nevermind

  • Yup i knew it….

  • Later on, it’s my other scenario once the story develops, leading into a match at SummerSlam.

  • Maybe i do? Maybe i don’t. It’s a big secret. ;P

  • It’ll develop every week, tomorrow might be when it starts to get going little by little.

  • Not trying to be those trolls. Lol i would love to win a real championship though, even if it’s by trolling. lol 😛

  • lol yep…thats exactly what he doooooooooooo

  • The HurricantSeeMe!!

  • A 5 moves of doom apparently.

  • Robert Krause

    haha yea but its just insulting how many times they have to say “he just cant do it”….hey look he did it

  • its crazy because….the sheep doesnt know they out number the wolves…

  • jcice13

    that is what the wrestling scene has been for ages in every federation,, except maybe ECW

  • Fernando Oliveira

    That’s exactly what I was thinking !

  • Stacey John

    Never mention that name here!

  • No Dallas* is worst then practically everything.

  • Fernando Oliveira

    Not forever, at least, if we’re lucky, 5+ years. :/

  • Please just don’t let the Orton scenario happen here. :p

  • Milton Vadell Butler

    you’re right she is gonna turn ziggler at raw

  • Lol That’s why i say i don’t really wanna predict WWE that much anymore. But i don’t know, something just keeps on telling me i need to. :p I have a bug for these things… Hopefully my next scenarios about Orton, Dragon and Kane doesn’t come true.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Nope. Dude in the front row: “Dolphin Uranus”. I can’t imagine that one didn’t get confiscated.

  • Marty McDazzle

  • LOL NO. Just NO.
    cause then i would need the doc. lol 😛

  • lol Dazzle Brown then

  • That’s abit too much. >.:)

  • Charles Smith

    Well said

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