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Mood at Tonight’s WWE Tapings, RAW Rating, Flair Talks Lawler

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair appeared on CNN Headline News this evening to talk about Jerry Lawler and the heart attack he suffered during RAW last night. Flair said he believes Lawler is more qualified to wrestle than most of the wrestlers on WWE’s roster because of his experience.

– In an update on the RAW rating, the show did a 2.88 cable rating. In comparison, the two Monday Night Football games on ESPN did 10.96 million viewers and 10.45 million viewers.

– No word yet on who will do the announcing at tonight’s SmackDown tapings. The only word coming from the arena is that it’s pretty quiet backstage and likely to be a tame show.

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  • Chelsii.

    He’s just had a heart attack (which could even be attributed to wrestling that evening) and he’s like.. 60 I think and you say he should wrestle more? Fuck you Flair, learn how to put your boots in the closet and keep them there.

  • matthew


  • Joe

    For a second, I thought it said, “likely to be a LAME show.”

  • Z…..

    way to not read properly. he obviously was answering a question on why he was wrestling. otherwise he wouldnt say that. its not like he said that he should wrestle more after having a heart attack. he isnt retarded

  • Rg41982

    He said he was more qualified to wrestle then most of the wrestlers. He should retire after this but like punk said he’s the king of Memphis. Get well jerry.

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