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More Bad News on the RAW Rating, CM Punk DVD Exclusive Version, WWE In Buffalo

– WWE will return to Buffalo, New York on March 4th, 2013 for a Monday Night RAW. Tickets are on sale now.

– In an update from yesterday, the final WWE RAW rating was a low 2.7 with 3.79 million viewers.

As noted, this was the smallest RAW audience of the year. This was also the smallest RAW audience since the July 4th, 2011 episode. Furthermore, this was the least watched non-holiday WWE RAW episode in over 5 years. The overall 2.7 rating is tied with the May 28th RAW for the lowest of the year.

– FYE stores will be carrying an exclusive version of CM Punk’s new WWE DVD that comes out in a few weeks. Their version contains the three-disc DVD bundled with a set of CM Punk wristbands. The set will go for $29.99.

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  • Adam

    Aside from Ziggler, Kofi, Punk, Heyman, Foley and Cena, there was nothing worth watching.

  • Joseph

    I know I didn’t watch because it had to be announced that even when injured we still had to sit through a John Cena promo. Him talking about respect like Punk has not already beaten him 3 times. I cannot stand AJ and wish the Kane/Daniel Bryan comedy angle never started. Don’t need to watch Sin Cara botch again either. I hate how they turned CM Punk into a coward that does does nothing but whine. Never understood why a guy becomes a coward just because he turns heel. Most importantly, just sick and tired of the John Cena show.

  • Muscleman

    I don’t know about the WWE fans who choose Monday Night Football over Raw. That’s not something that I would even think of. WWE programming will always come first, regardless of what else is on TV.

  • Joseph

    Oh, I forgot, how many Ryback and Brodus Clay squash matches do we have to see when they both suck.

  • 2o3caras

    MNF ate up the audience what would tna garnered NADA

  • matthew

    hopefully the rating keeeps going down down down rating going down

  • Muscleman

    @Joseph, enough with your bitching about Punk being booked to look cowardly. If you didn’t know, it is an unwritten rule in the pro wrestling world that heels must portray cowardly characters. Don’t you know that heels are villains, the opposite of heroes? Even the biggest stars of all time have done the same during their heel runs. Do you remember when Steve Austin turned heel in April 2001? He went from a tough, I-don’t-give-a-fuck ass-kicker into a cowardly heel. The Rock, too, in his heel run in 2003 was so cowardly that he could tremble whenever The Hurricane’s music hit. So what makes you think that Punk can’t exhibit the same characteristics? Or do you think that Punk is a bigger name than Austin, Hogan, HHH and Rock, all of whom were cowards during their heel runs?

  • Fritz

    Austin was a non-cowardly heel in 97. They cheered him and boo’d babyface Bret Hart out of the building. WWE doesn’t want their heels being cheered.

  • GunShark

    @ Joseph and matthew:

    If the two of you don’t like what WWE is doing, why do you even watch it at all? Furthermore, why do you have to come here, and whine and complain about it? No one here wants to read the same, tired crap from you, week after week, except maybe the trolls. You have nothing good to say, and nothing to contribute, so I ask again: why are you here, if you hate it so much?

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