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More Details on Kelly Kelly’s WWE Release

As noted earlier, Kelly Kelly was released today by WWE. The release was said to be mutual but she had told friends that is was unlikely she would be returning at any time soon when she first asked for a leave of absence.

Kelly Kelly has been working on several non-wrestling projects as of late, including an Energy Drink ad campaign with several UFC fighters that was shot earlier this week. Kelly returned to WWE in August for a few weeks, and appeared to be back for good. Those close to the situation said it was only for a few weeks and she was still looking at doing her own thing.


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  • UM

    Oh god finally I never liked this slut

  • Fuck Off

    I liked Kelly as an exhibitionist, but when she became a wrestler, she was just awful. Her leaving the company won’t be missed by many.

  • Real Kosher

    she hasn’t been missed since she was off TV…so yea…she will continue to not be missed

  • Mareen

    She wasn’t that bad. You guys are over exxagarating. She was good with people who were better than her but so are Eve, Alicia, Kaitlyn, and many others. If you watch her matches against someone like Beth, Michelle or Victoria who could bring the best out of her you will see she had the talent. Don’t be so rude.

  • GN-0015

    @Mareen It doesn’t matter if she was or wasn’t “that bad”, the fact is she was never good enough. She couldn’t run the ropes, she botches an awful lot of times, and it was like she had roll-up as her finisher, even when was the Divas Champion. The only good thing about her is her look.

  • Mark

    Kelly was hot as hell, but rotten as hell when it came to actually wrestling.

    To be fair to her she’s not the only one; a good half of the current divas still have this problem.

    The fact that somebody as talented as Beth Phoenix is being allowed to easily walk out of the company whilst Eve Torres is the current Divas champion says it all.

  • brandon

    They’ll replace you with some other blonde bimbo.

  • Finally! Kelly Kelly has been released from WWE! Good Riddance. It’s about fucking time. Maybe there is hope for the divas divison after all.

  • maxpower

    Beth is next to leave.

  • jayman

    Are you guys gay? how the hell do you not see kelly kelly for her sexyness!!!

  • Raphael

    Hopefully, she’ll pose for Playboy….

  • MDK316

    Kelly will never be successful outside of WWE, she is not even close to being as talented as stacy or trish

  • rob

    @Jayman i watch wrestling for wrestling…if i wanna watch hot girls ill go fucking put on porn….


    “They’ll replace you with some other blonde bimbo.” @brandon

    They kinda have, wouldn’t say she’s a bimbo, her names sumer rae, some chick they signed just after Maryse left, kinda a replacement for both K2 & Maryse because she’s half french[actually french, like from france not french canadien] and was a lingerie model, plus by twitter alone I’m pretty sure she’s banging Chris Hero.

  • bunch of gay ass jealous retards here…

    kelly kelly was the hottest diva and she’s getting heat from people even though she started as a model and developed into being able to wrestle in the ring….

  • RCmaster305

    no one ever said she wasent hot jayman but thats not what wrestling is about there is a reason playboy was invented

  • Chelsii

    Yea like you all here watch Trish,Torrie,Sable,Dawn Marie,Ashley Massaro,Candice Michelle,Christy Hemme,Stacey Keibler and many other for their wrestling skills?! Hypocrits!

  • Erwin

    who cares if she never comes back? she’s most likely gonna end up as a B movies actress..

    the most untalented women champion of all time!

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