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More Details on Paul Bearer’s Death

PWInsider reports that William Moody (Paul Bearer) had openly told several people that he hadn’t been feeling well for some time now. He recently pulled himself off of some of his regular bookings next month, citing not feeling well.

Bearer’s last tweets were on March 2nd. He reportedly passed away around 5pm PST this evening. He would have been 59 next month.

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  • Guest

    cm punk is the best in the world

    • DoingMaThing

      CM Punk has nothing to do with this you idiot. This is about Paul Bearer. Punktards are unbelievable

      • Michael Agri

        Has nothing to do with someone being a “punktard.” Shawn Jennings got it right in saying this is very serious and saddening. R.I.P. to one of the greatest managers of the attitude era, if not of all time.

        • DoingMaThing

          It has nothing to do with him being a Punktard? Ok then why ON EARTH did he mention Cm Punk? Punk has nothing to do with the passing of one of the greatest managers in WWE history.

          • Mario Peralta

            Yeah but not all CM Punk fans are “punktards, yeah this is about a loss of one of the greatest legends of wrestling history but name calling and garbage like that shouldn’t be tossed around on a comment section of a mans death. We can respect William Moody’s death but keeping the comments positive in his honor.

          • Michael Agri

            You’re absolutely correct, Punk has nothing to do with the passing of one of the greatest managers in WWE. However, call the guest what he actually is…an idiot.

          • Me

            And a troll.

      • Thatoneperson

        How do we know you’re not that guest?

        • DoingMaThing

          ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I get it you dont like me but enough is enough ok? I have no reason to mention Punk in this article

    • Shawn Jennings

      Not really a time to be acting like that.This isn’t a storyline it is a man’s death…Grow up

  • Nick Washington

    wtf is wrong with this chat?

    • Jason Michael Lockett

      People just can’t resist the urge to troll, then someone jumps at the bait, and then you have this thread.

  • Gortex

    i dunno why people even bother responding its obvious why he’s doing it. ignore and then they go away