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More on Brock Lesnar’s RAW Status, Flair and Tyson Appearing Together, Kaitlyn

– WWE Hall of Famers Mike Tyson and Ric Flair will be appearing at the Tristar Sports Memorabilia shop at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas this weekend. Flair appears on Thursday from 1-2pm, Friday from 1-2pm and Saturday from 2-3:30pm. Tyson appears Friday from 3-5pm and Saturday from 4-6pm.

– WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn announced on Twitter that she will be representing WWE at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

– Here is the updated list of confirmed RAW dates for Brock Lesnar:

* February 4th from Atlanta, Georgia
* February 25th from Dallas, Texas
* March 11th from Indianapolis, Indiana
* April 1st from Washington, DC

  • AJStylesTheBest

    I thought it was going to be Ric Flair & Tyson Kidd appearing together lol

  • IamLisa

    (In Tazz’s voice), well, here comes the pain.

    • zip

      This sounded stupid coming from you.

  • Y2J

    Hopefully they’ll add some more, if not, I’m happy :)

  • CMmox

    Well, HERE COMES THE PAIN! (That’s how you do it TroLLisa)

    • IamLisa

      HAHAHAHA. What an idiot.

      • CMmox


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