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More on Hogan Superfan at TNA BFG, Future of TNA Tapings & Live Events

– We noted before how TNA asked Hulk Hogan superfan George Antoun, who flew to Bound For Glory from Australia, to remove his Hogan gear at the pay-per-view. Here are some of George’s tweets to confirm those reports:

“I’m sick to my stomach, I’ve just been told to put the @HulkHogan sign down and it can not go up anymore. WTF.”

“yes, now they want me to take my Hulkamania gear off and wear a TNA shirt. I’ve refused.”

“what can I do, I’ve put the Hulkster sign down and the crew keeps looking at me.”

“yes I told them I refuse to take my gear off. At the last match they backed off. It was really wrong”

“They didn’t want me 2 put my sign up because it had Hogans name & they gave me a TNA shirt to change my Hulkamania gear which I refused. They kept looking at me through the half end of the show, which was uncomfortable. It ruined my night.”

“I travel twice a year to watch TNA , long trip from Australia and expensive but after this, it killed it 4 me.”

– While most of TNA’s Impact Wrestling tapings will be taped in Orlando going forward, there will be “select” tapings on the road from time to time.

– TNA will be getting a lot more aggressive with running live events again soon. The idea here is that the money they were putting into being on the road can be used on live events, which will be needed for the new “24/7 Action Never Ends” concept. TNA is working on setting up live event dates for December right now.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • So much dumb in TNA policy.

    • Lara_P1

      Im surprised with them doing that honestly. fans who wore wwe shirts probably werent hassled; yet, this guy was (and he was wearing gear from a former TNA guy). makes no sense.

    • jcice13

      they do the same exact thing in the WWE, if they don’t like your clothing they offer you a free wee item to put on they’ve done it for years

      • Still dumb.

        • jcice13

          didn’t say it wasn’t dumb just commented that it wasn’t something that TNA was the only guilty party to

  • Stevewiser

    Maybe they’re all just sick of Hogan like the rest of us.

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