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More on Jeff Hardy’s Future and the WWE-TNA-Indy Rumors

– We’ve been reporting how Jeff Hardy’s TNA contract expires in February or March of 2013 and the rumors are that he’s interested in returning to WWE or hitting the independent scene with his brother Matt Hardy. A TNA source reports that Hardy is leaving towards re-signing with TNA if they can come to terms.

PWInsider reports that Hardy and TNA are currently negotiating a new deal.

Several independent promoters have came to Matt and Jeff with the idea of reuniting them on the independent wrestling scene. At least one promotion was planning to use the Hardys as a team in February but those plans were recently called off or put on hold. WWE could always make an offer but the feeling is that Hardy is interested in a lighter schedule than what WWE would want him to do.


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  • Adam

    WWEs stance is to make millions off the blood of their wrestlers, of course they would force him to keep wrestling until he suffers a seroous injury, same as what happened to his brother.

  • Mark

    Jeff Hardy was HUGE in his last wwe run. He never seemed like the guy WWE would give their title to, but the crowd reactions to Jeff was too big to ignore. If Jeff didnt do drugs then he’d probably still be in wwe above cm punk and john cena

  • Marcus

    Personally I would love to see Jeff have one last run in the WWE seeing as the last run that he had was the best run of his career but I also want him to stay clean and healthy so at the end of the day I hope he makes the best decision for himself and his family.

  • Mick

    @Adam: it’s funny you say that when blood is generally gone from WWE these days.

  • lol

    “leaving towards re-signing”?

  • tim

    so he wants to go back to wwe but he’s leaning towards staying with tna… okay, that makes sense

  • You Morons

    What a terrible article! Of course he’s “leaning” (leaving? WTF) toward resigning with TNA if they can come to terms. After all what the phrase coming to terms means is coming to an agreeance! As for Hardy being a huge star in his last run with WWE it’s only because he had a great feud which was made possible because of Punks hard work. Jeff Hardy is nothing special in the ring (no psychology, stale flippy move set), and can’t cut a promo to save his life.

  • Mark

    all jeff hardy’s fueds were awesome. Punk had nothing to do with it. His matches with umaga were all exciting and entertaining and the fans were already into his character. He wasnt a good talker, but that man had the chirisma. Everything he did was exciting. From his entrance to his. I love cm punk, but alot of times he talks way too much and i start getting bored. No one goes to watch wrestling for the acting skills

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