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More on Kassius Ohno’s Heat, WWE Diva Changes Her Look, WrestleMania

– WWE Diva Rosa Mendes revealed on Twitter that she’s went all blonde again:

“Yesterday I woke up as a brunette and today as a blond, change what you can and the rest will fallow”

Rosa goes blonde

– Meetings were held this past week to determine the locations for WrestleMania 31 in 2015 and WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Representatives of several different cities met with WWE officials in Connecticut. The cities that got the bid were placed on a gag order. The only thing being said is that 2016 won’t be in either Orlando or Detroit, although Orlando people are denying that they are out of the running. Cowboys Stadium in Dallas is the rumor for 2016.

– We’ve noted how Kassius Ohno has had heat in WWE developmental and was pulled from NXT TV tapings because officials wanted him to improve his physique. Ohno has been putting over other talents at recent NXT live events and has now been removed from the NXT TV intro.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Why does the WWE wants wrestlers to be big,and bulky not all wrestlers can’t be big and bulky.

    • Shell

      ”Because it’s good for business~”

      • tmeister

        XD lol

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Maybe I don’t understand the business like I thought I did?

        • tmeister

          you might want to becareful on what you say about wwe u know we are not allow to speak our minds without risking our jobs

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Ok thanks for telling me

    • Chelsii?

      Especially when they have a fatass like Brodus Clay.


      Vince’s old school mentality, he just has a thing for big guys…

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Yeah you got a point

    • FordOLoads

      he really comes off thin on TV

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        But I guess hr has to do what is right for business if he wants to be a wwe superstar.

  • [B]ANExx

    I might have to ‘fallow’ her on Twitter, she seems to send out deep and insightful tweets…

  • [B]ANExx

    As much as I loved Chris Hero in ROH and think in his CURRENT STATE he could go straight into to the upper-midcard without any issue whatsoever, I kind of agree with WWE here.

    I know that won’t be a popular opinion and I’ll get replies saying ‘not everyone has to be built like Ryback, just look at Daniel Bryan, blah blah..’ BUT the important thing here is respect and obedience.

    Whether right or wrong, WWE want him to bulk up. I disagree with that, I think he is absolutely fine just the way he is, I think he is one of the greatest stars of the recent indy scene (admittedly only seen him in ROH and PWG…) HOWEVER the issue here is right now he doesn’t want to hit the gym and bulk up – in the future it might be ‘I don’t want to drop the title’ or ‘I don’t want a tag-team partner’. WWE need to be confident that their talent – who to be fair are extremely well paid for they do – are going to do what is asked of them, when it is asked.

    On the indy scene the wrestlers have a lot more freedom, they can do/say what they want more or less and that is cool, but WWE is an entirely different proposition, they want guys willing to tow the company line and keep themselves in check, the WWE talent is well paid and with that comes extra responsibility – Hero has a choice right now in his career; he can either bend to WWEs will, do what they say, in 2 years be a major player on Raw / Smackdown and earn a shedload of cash, or he can go back to the indy’s where I assume he earned enough to live on, but not that much. The choice is his, but he doesn’t GET to have it both ways – he can’t have the freedom of being an indy guy and the money of being a WWE guy, they are two different offers.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I understand were you are saying, you have to do what is right if you want to stay in this business.

    • Maddox

      At a time where ROH alumini are having a lot of success, I dont see why he shouldnt push himself hard for something he wants.

    • Dorie Ann Pope

      I think you’ve said it perfectly and hit every point I was going to make. So all I am going to say is I agree 1000% with every word!!

      • jcice13

        LOL are you also speaking for 9 other people? cause someone can’t agree more than 100%, just like infinity, you can’t mathematically have infinity plus 1

  • Chelsii?

    Thanks WWE, for punishing another talent for doing nothing wrong.

    • [B]ANExx

      It is not what he HAS done wrong, it is what he HASN’T done right, that is an important distinction.

      They told him what they wanted from him in order for him to be pushed, make it to the main roster and be the star he was the ability to be – he said no. Fine, WWE will move on and find the NEXT guy who will say YES to doing those things.

      Hero has all the natural talent in the world and could easily eclipse a guy like Damien Sandow who is currently getting a modest push, but his attitude stinks, WWE don’t need that, they are big enough to attract wrestlers with the talent AND right attitude without having to compromise their integrity.

      • Chelsii?

        He shouldn’t have to bulk up if he doesn’t want to, especially when those hypocrites have no problem with putting CM Punk on TV or having some lardass like Brodus.

        • [B]ANExx

          Don’t get me wrong, I think Hero is fine as he is, but WWE don’t and that is the point – when it is them that make the decision over who gets pushed, and how much, Hero only has himself to blame if it never happens.

        • CallingItDownTheLine

          “He shouldn’t have to bulk up if he doesn’t want to” That’s where many have it wrong, he’s under contract has to do what the company wants him to (more or less happens in any job except freelance), otherwise he’s come across as rude/cocky(thus the heat) & will be made to fall in line.

          Look at it this way if:

          Stone Cold(Let’s face it Ringmaster was no Schwarznegger)
          Rocky(A bit too stocky)

          HHH(A lot leaner when he was in DX)
          did it, why shouldn’t he(minus whatever some of them took)?

          KO or CH is you still call him that has to do what the list above and many more did INCLUDING VINCE, for his CHaracter. To be the Genetic JACKhammer Vince had to get JACKed, anyone who gets a push has to be in the best physical shape possible & he has it the worst because of his gimmick, unlike Brodus who has the appropriate figure for his gimmick(dinosaur-esque).

          Plus Vets can be in bad shape because they’re vets, Punk has been there 8yrs(see Y2J & Edge in 2010) so his character has enough to lean on to beat anyone, hell same with Rey, guys over enough to beat guys over 100lbs bigger or 1ft taller than him(Show, Kane, McIntyre, probably even Orton, he’s like 5’4).

          To end it off the need to be some pack behind the punch, so roar behind the elbow*. So to make Ohno’s KO as credible as possible he’s gonna need to look both tall & big, larger than life as it were & more or less strike fear before he gets to the ring seeing he’s probably gonna KO his way to an undefeated streak when he debuts.

          *We already have a Lean guy ko’ing ppl in Barrett & a Large guy ko’ing ppl in Big Show,

  • Maddox

    I don’t see anything special in Kassius Ohno, Just a good wrestler (Not even a fan of his style) who hasn’t even done anything to standout in NXT. People tend to overrate everyone that come from the indies

  • Sieg

    As an Ohno fan I find this news quite sad and I kinda worry about whether or not I’ll ever see him make it to the main roster. Honestly guys like Cesaro, Bryan, Rollins and Ambrose are doing great and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be either. Cesaro might not be the most prominent person but every report that seems to come out about him and his matches has been positive, the same was said for Bryan when he was coming up, you never hear anything negative about Ambrose, Rollins had one hiccup but that seems to be sorted now. If anything it seems that maybe it IS his attitude that is holding him back, pretty sure there are guys who joined after him and have made it to main roster BEFORE him…that should be cause for alarm on his end.

    You’ve got a huge opportunity in front of you, why waste it? If anything why don’t you ask your buddy Cesaro for some workout/diet advice? The dude isn’t huge but he’s in great shape. Better yet you’re in a training facility designed to make you a top superstar so why not go so hard in training that you put every other guy there to shame? If my “like” of wrestling was more of a “passion” and I got to developmental man…I’d be using that place and supplementing my training on top of that…think about it Ohno, being on a Wrestlemania card is well within your grasp -____-….I’m gonna bombard this guy with tweets, I wanna see him succeed!!!!! T____T

    • Lucas Amato

      “‘m gonna bombard this guy with tweets, I wanna see him succeed!”.. Its a pretty good tactics.. I also want him to succed.. He cant be a WHC someday, or at least a great midcarder..

  • FordOLoads

    bad sign for chris hero.

  • jcice13

    but unfortunately both days she woke up with minimal talent for the business

  • jcice13

    I have not seen this man’s build recently so I don’t know how “out of shape” he looks, I will rely on you folks and your thoughts on that, but with that being said, does he look worse than say bryan punk and miz all holders of a major title?? and he can wrestle,correct? I look forward to your cerebral replies

    • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

      He could out wrestle anyone in the WWE and in TNA too and is one of the best in the ring on par with Punk and Bryan and quite possibly better than Punk in the ring and he looks exactly like Punk in terms of his looks, and his stomach is a mixture of Punk and Bryan but is tall and agile for a guy his size. He used to weigh 300 plus pounds before till he started working his ass off to be at his current weight just to be in a wrestling ring at a level like Punk (Had a 90 minute match with him )and Bryan who he’s close friends with and wrestled each other around the world and practically started off together around the same time. So he isn’t even out of shape at all. They just want him to be bulked up with six packs which is why they replaced him with Corey Graves cause Neville (Pac) original tag partner was Ohno. I don’t even know what’s wrong with WWE. The guy is in perfect shape and doesn’t need 6 pack abs or popped out veins with huge arms just to go out and do whatever he does best in that ring. If he doesn’t wanna work out that much don’t force him to be what he doesn’t wanna be. I could understand if he would say something like ” I don’t wanna do the job, or i don’t wanna drop the title to him or something like that. ” But just for not having 6 packs, a perfect sized chest bound with pecs or huge arms? I don’t even know what to say or think about what WWE wants.

      • Lucas Amato

        I know you are a KO fan.. and maybe me too.. but he has worse shape of CM Punk and Bryan.. And is not only that.. is the compromise to do what WWE want you to do in your last effort to debut…
        I hope he still debuts.. I read two weeks ago i think, that HHH make him only focus in Gym like some kind of punishment….
        If he isnt agree, is his time to go back to Indies, or Maybe TNA… If he still whants WWE he need to push a little bit stronger and thats it…

  • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

    I reported this week’s ago. That Kassius Ohno had heat on him that they even removed him from the intro of NXT and replaced his spots at the middle and at the end right before Bo Dallas with @MmmGorgeous (Tyler Breeze) And that he even thank NXT’s official twitter account for allowing him to take part in selecting today’s music or whatever. They were looking at introducing him at SummerSlam but those plans changed cause of the heat on him and they’ll probably debut him around close to the end of this year once the heat wears off. If they’re smart enough they’ll stick to those plans instead of releasing him. Sad that you guys are reporting things late now.

  • YM5

    idk why they need him to be some f*cking musclebound meathead, Chris does have a naturally elevated testosterone level so it won’t be hard for him to attain/maintain a larger physique but I know he doesn’t want to do it, I guess they’re saying “Bryan got bigger so all of you can too.” To which I would say “look at CM Punk’s skinny ass!!!”

  • Devon

    Why hasn’t WM come to gillete stadium yet


    Stop being lazy Ohno

  • Chrislis Tei

    Ohno is going to be at least 34 years old by the time he makes the main roster. He doesn’t have the physique, charisma or mic work to make an immediate splash, so he’ll have to win the fans over, year by year, akin to say a Bret Hart. Ohno’s gonna be 40 or close to it by the time the fans buy into him (if they do), which leaves no room for him to make any kind of splash in the industry. He’ll be remembered as a footnote, if at all.

    • YM5

      this ladies and gentlemen is an idiot

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