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More on the Major WWE NXT Release

– As noted, WWE has released the former Kassius Ohno from his developmental deal. He will be using his former name of Chris Hero on November 16th for the PWS promotion in Rahway, New Jersey against Hurricane Helms.

Ohno was released by WWE officials while waiting to begin training on Friday morning at the Performance Center in Orlando. Ohno recently returned to NXT after being held off TV for some time. His final match, a loss to Luke Harper, just aired a few nights ago on this week’s episode of NXT TV.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Trey Doss

    tna needs to pick him up STAT

    • Rako

      No they don’t. He’s a complacent M-F*ker.

      Think about it, if he wasn’t willing to work hard in WWE, the world biggest wrestling promotion, why would do it in TNA?

      • Trey Doss

        he’s probably have me leeway in tna and wont be told how to wrestle on top of that he’d probably be able to keep his name

        • Rako

          You don’t get it. He’s lazy, a lazy guy having leeway means more laziness. Besides he’s a bit old to be a future star as well.

          • Luis Malaret

            No disrespect but 33 years old is OLD in your world of wrestling. Hero was born in 1979, so he isn’t really that old like Mr Anderson(37), Angle (44), or Sting (over 50). Also, Hero did lose weight when the WWE demanded him to but Hero could wrestle circles around any current WWE created star (Axel, Cena, Ryback) with ease. Also if the WWE were smart, Ohno coming to WWE as a face to team up with Cesario (who is rumored to turn face due to his giant swing) to reform THE KINGS OF WRESTLING would be so freaking EPIC! Dumb move in my eyes that the WWE, I feel bad for other Indi based wrestlers within NXT like Sami Zayn who even though is kicking ass, he isn’t a WWE type wrestler.

          • KingBack

            33 is old if you haven’t even made it to the main roster.
            Look at guys like Cena, Orton, Lesnar etc.. Guys like them are prime examples on how it should be done.
            Yeah maybe they had a easier way to the top but then look at guys like Punk and Bryan who worked their asses off to get to where they are now and they are about the same age as Hero.
            Ohno is a very talented guy but he is a lazy f*ck.
            And this is to be honest not a big loss for WWE.
            They have better talents waiting who btw. is ready to work for their chance.

          • Poppy’s Hammer

            I am just curious as to why you think he is lazy? Do you have backstage proof of it? Are you the one training with him? What evidence do you have of him being a lazy talent?

          • Guest

            He was told to get in better shape but refused.

          • Maddox

            Yea but you see that’s what you guys don’t get. For years you guys have been wishing for them to just reform Kings of Wrestling but WWE doesn’t care about that. I rather see Cesaro having a great singles career than being tied down in a tag team

          • tt2000

            Really? Do you really think he can wrestle circles around Curtis Axel or John Cena? WWE pushes Cena to the point of extreme nausea but he is very good. Nobody can work a crowd like him in today’s wrestling. All Ohno does is kick and elbow and scream loud and slap his leg.
            Sami Zayn is a master and will be a big star just like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan but Hero is a long way from his level of talent.

          • Rako

            It aint only about wrestling, you know that right? Cena isn’t the top star because of in-ring skills. Its all about charisma, Personality, character etc… Ohno was weak in all those areas.

            TNA got Roode, styles, magnus etc.. all about the same age.

          • Stevewiser

            You’re a dipsh!t

      • Mario Peralta

        Because you don’t have to work hard at all to be in TNA


    Wow just lost all respect for the wwe. How do you let go of someone that was so talented, really????

  • Maddox

    Not suprised, He is very talented but I just knew he was never gonna make it in into the main roster, Didn’t impress in NXT anyway

  • There goes my fantasy of seeing the Kings of Wrestling together.

  • Sieg

    Ya know what, I’m going to take this as a good sign for Hero. Looking at the WWE and the way things are now even if he made it to the main roster he’d probably end up being turned into a joke or just a mid-carder. The fact that WWE is still somewhat against their own members of the roster who made it on the indies says to me they don’t know what they’re doing or do not want to breakout of their backwards approach to these guys. He was out of shape? Look at Brodus and Tensai. Oh well, at least I won’t have to see him jobbing to Mojo Rawley -_______-. It’s time for one these indie groups to step up and succeed where TNA and WWE are failing.

    • Sieg

      Just had a thought that depending on their reasons for releasing him I have to wonder if Punk
      and or Bryan (maybe even Cesaro) will kick up a stink about this. If the guy was there ready to train then I have say that the motivation to succeed is there. If they have a valid reason then fair play to the WWE but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just something petty. Considering that they put Cesaro in a tag team anyway there’s no reason why they couldn’t have brought him to the main roster so they have a vet tag team to strengthen the division.

  • Maddox

    Psst.. No biggie

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