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More on Why TNA Is Pushing Hardy, TNA Attendance, Tonight’s Impact

– Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling will feature the return of Fight Night with James Storm vs. Bobby Roode being teased. Tonight’s show will also feature a Gut check segment and Hulk Hogan’s response to threats from Aces & 8s.

– The TNA live event on September 15th in Bethlehem, PA drew 750 fans. The venue was a casino so a lot of the tickets were comped. The live event on September 16th in Wilkes-Barre, PA drew 550 fans.

– We’ve noted how TNA is considering putting the World Heavyweight Title on Jeff Hardy because they want to keep him happy as his contract is expiring in a few months. Another reason for having him main event Bound For Glory is because the pay-per-view will be shown in movie theaters nationwide and the feeling is that more people may know Jeff Hardy’s name when they go to the theater.

There’s also a feeling that merchandise may go up, ticket sales may go up, ratings may go up and pay-per-view buys may go up with a babyface Jeff Hardy established as the main event face of the promotion.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Mick

    And where does that leave Aries?

  • GunShark

    ^ Shit out of luck.

  • SDotC

    So instead of pushing their talent who are *this close* to breaking through the glass ceiling, TNA is going to bank on using the name of an established star who’s prime was in a different era to drive their promotion to success? Worked wonders for them in the past -__-

  • tim

    that doesnt make any sense. first off, hardy doesnt seem like the kind of guy that would care if he has the belt or not.

    second, wwe gave him a huge push to try to get him to stay a few years ago, and he still left. why would tna do this when wwe’s already done this and it didnt work.

    third, everything ive seen from hardy indicates that he’s really happy in tna right now.

    this is just dirtsheets trying to find a reason why he won the bfg series because nobody saw it coming.

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