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More Top Matches for Survivor Series, Panthers at RAW, Extreme Rising Matches

– Some of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers were in attendance for last night’s RAW from Charlotte, North Carolina. Here’s a photo of DeAngelo Williams backstage with The Miz:

williams the miz

– Extreme Rising has announced several matches for their November 17th event from the Golden Dome in Monaca, PA: Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy, Devon Storm vs. Sabu, Homicide vs. Jerry Lynn, BLK Out vs. The FBI, Perry Saturn vs. Luke Hawx, Stevie Richards vs. Papadon and Bestia 666 vs. Pesadilla.

– While Team Punk vs. Team Foley has been announced as the WWE Survivor Series main event, the other top matches are expected to be Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena and Sheamus vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title.

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  • what are the chances that cena vs ziggler will be the last match? lol jk…..can’t take a joke…

  • Cornbread

    Won’t be a panther much longer…

  • Chelsii.

    So Dolph will get buried then.

  • Z…..

    not necessarily. I might be wrong considering the fact that its WWE and the chances of them thinking logically are ridiculously slim. Still, I think that even though Cena is going to win, Ziggler will be getting a big rub towards his main event push. He will probably have a big time showing in the match and get really close to winning, thus making him look really good and viable as a main eventer and world champion. I remember these 2 having a similar set of matches before, but I could be wrong. Either that or WWE probably didnt do anything with the possibilities that came with those matches. This will end up being a good thing for Ziggler, even though he will be fed to Cena. I would give WWE props for creating a new star, but that would mean that they didnt screw up a million times and are just now doing so. Should have happened a few different times by now

  • Rybork Laserback

    Ziggler vs Cena – Nice to see Ziggler with the big fish, he always puts on entertaining feuds when given the chance (Edge in 2011), not to mention the match will probably be really good.

    Sheamus vs Show – really starting to like this feud. They had a great match and their promo on Raw didn’t involve any cheesy jokes from Sheamus, he had a more serious side and i liked how he went straight to giving Show the White Noise instead of arguing like a kid on the mic like he has been recently. Also a big improvement to the Del-Rio feud.

    Team Foley vs Team Punk – sounds good but the teams are pretty much the rivalries from HIAC thrown together, needed a ‘surprise’ or ‘twist’ to keep us interested. Also the match has no real stipulation or implications to care about currently, hopefully that changes over the next two weeks.

  • Mayback

    Oh shut up Chelsii,This is the best thing to happen to Ziggler besides winning the MITB. We will get a good mtch and Ziggler builds credibility as he marches on his way to become World heavy champion. Way better than what Daniel Bryan got last year

  • Brian

    @Rybork Laserbag It would be interesting if a #1 Contender’s spot at TLC were up for grabs. Could go one of two ways; either it’s on the line for Foley alone since it’s his team versus Punk’s (and it’s been rumored anyway), or it could be that the final person standing (no matter what team) gets the spot against Punk.

  • Brian

    Laserback not bag lol

  • Brendan

    I bet the cena vs Ziggler match will turn into a traditional suvivor series match, with team cena vs team ziggler when it gets closer to survivor series . At least thats what i am hopping, or a Team AJ vs Team Vicky , with Cena being on Team AJ and Ziggler being on Team Vicky .

  • stone cold

    better card than hiac

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