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Movie Poster for The Rock’s Film, Finlay In Action Tonight

– Dave “Fit” Finlay is scheduled to face Ray Mendoza Jr in the main event of New Wrestling Classic’s tonight in Japan. Former WWE/ECW wrestler Tajiri hosted a press conference promoting the match in the video below. Preview footage is embedded in the video below.

– Paramount Pictures has released the first movie poster for “Pain & Gain,” which stars “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson. The poster has a mock label from a protein shake bucket with the movie title covering a biceps muscle. The movie is slated for a related date of April 26, 2013. The films stars The Rock and Mark Wahlberg along with Ed Harris, Anthony Mackie, Rob Corddry, and Ken Jeong.

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  • Real Kosher

    its funny, if you go and read about the true events that happened that this movie is based off of…you’ll find out that the character rock is playing barely played a role in what all actually went down…

  • ^ Yes, Hollywood loves to take liberties. Real life isn’t interesting enough for them.

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