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Mr. Anderson on Aces & 8’s Status

Below is the latest episode of Inside Impact, which features Mr. Anderson discussing the attack on Bully Ray on Thursday’s Impact episode. Anderson mentions that last night was just the beginning, and that there will be “plenty more.” He also said that he showed Bully Ray that he wasn’t bigger than Aces & 8’s, and that he’s not sure what will happen next.

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  • Aaron

    I’m sensing we may get a finger poke of doom type finish with that match! It’s so TNA!

    • disqus_zGeoFRB0Aa

      Yea go watch WWE and there crying wuss 400 pounder….lol

    • Damian Starr

      Ortize to interfere is what my money is on!

      • CM Punk lose

        you were saying?

        • Damian Starr

          I would have lost some money

    • Z….

      wow…I literally said the same thing to myself after seeing Anderson’s awesome rant at the end of the show, and seeing the inside impact later on youtube. The sick thing is that Hogan is dumb enough to actually do it

    • Yabei

      That would be a pile of crap, but I’d rather have it than babyface Aces & Eights vs. heel Aces & Eights. The best scenario is the stable dying. Like right now.

  • godngreatnwoo

    wow tna storylines are crap matches are good at times but wow this company sucks hope some off there awesome wrestlers have backup plans when the TitanicNA sinks

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