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How Much Money Is WWE Paying Shane McMahon To Wrestle The Undertaker At WrestleMania 32

WWE released their Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders and Proxy Statement on Wednesday. In the report, the company released how much Shane McMahon is being paid for his return to the company.

Shane B. McMahon is the son of Vincent McMahon and brother of Stephanie McMahon. Shane McMahon is a former executive officer and performer with the Company. In 2016, Shane McMahon returned as a performer for the Company. While no agreement has been reached at this time, the Company anticipates that Shane McMahon will receive in excess of $120,000 for these services which will be disclosed in next year’s proxy statement.

The report also revealed how much the company’s top executives were paid in 2015:

* Vince McMahon – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: $3.3 million

* Michelle Wilson – Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer: $4.5 million

* George Barrios – Chief Strategy & Financial Officer: $4.5 million

* Paul Levesque – EVP, Talent, Live Events & Creative: $3.1 million

* Kevin Dunn – Executive Producer & Chief Global Television Production: $4.7 million

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  • Rob

    I’m confused how does micman make the least ?

    • Bite Me You Loser

      He probably makes it up in stock

    • Edynol

      Same way the president of the US only makes $1 a year. XD

    • jcice13

      he doesn’t HHH does

  • Lisa

    Vince is the chairman and CEO, how can he earn less than any other executive? Was that a typing error?

    • The Shockmaster

      Well, it’s from Ravens so maybe!

      • Lisa

        I really do think it was a typing error. The chairman and CEO of an organization has to earn more than any other executive. Let’s also not forget that Vince is the majority owner and he’s by far the most powerful in WWE. His ego alone wouldn’t let that happen.
        Only top WWE talent (like Cena and Lesnar) can earn more than Vince.

        • The Shockmaster

          Other websites with the same story also have $3.3M :O

          • Lisa

            It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

          • The Shockmaster

            Kevin Dunn has got it made though :O

          • Fat Owens Fat

            Maybe Vince takes a voluntary pay cut and invests his $$$ into the biz? stocks?

          • Lisa

            Vince has a massive ego you know.

          • Fat Owens Fat

            Not as big as his business.

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