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Must See Pre-SmackDown JBL Promo, Backstage AJ Lee News, WWE’s New Model

– There was a moment before last night’s SmackDown tapings in Providence, Rhode Island where JBL had the crowd chanting his name. The referees were changing over the ropes for SmackDown when JBL began ripping into them for taking too long. Below is video:

– As noted before, WWE recently signed fitness model Alisha Ceraso to a developmental deal. She has been training at developmental and can be found on Twitter at @therealDaniWWE. You can see photos of her here on WNZ.

– AJ Lee is scheduled to appear on RAW over the next few weeks at least. Internally there is no talk of removing her from TV, despite the General Manager storyline where she has resigned.

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  • YM5

    that was classic. VINTAGE JBL!!!

  • Chelsii

    Must see indeed!!!!!!!!

  • Screw PG Era



  • Saw this yesterday on youtube.
    Went straight in my favorites.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Referees all suck. Kudos to JBL for berating all these idiots. I didn’t really like JBL as World Champ but I’ve come to like & respect him since then. Heck, I’ll chant his name now too: JBL JBL JBL JBL JBL JBL JBL JBL!!! XD

    Go to TNA and chew their refs. out next. That bunch of inept shitbrains REALLY need to be talked down to. Especially Earl Hebner. That lowlife assface is a greasy spot on the sport. “You’re damn right I did.” Fuck you hebner!! I’d like to see JBL turn his head clockwise several times.

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