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Mysterio Injury Update, WWE SMS Not Returning?, Punk & AJ

– As noted, CM Punk and AJ Lee attended a Chicago Cubs baseball game earlier this week. Here is a photo of the two at the game:

Photo of CM Punk and AJ Lee Together at a Baseball Game

– No word yet on the return of WWE Saturday Morning Slam. CW has started its new season and there is no mention of Saturday Morning Slam. When asked, WWE hasn’t answered questions about the status of the show, which seems to indicate it’s not coming back.

– As noted, Rey Mysterio is looking to be back in action for WWE’s tour of Mexico in mid-October. Rey has been having stem cell treatments done for his knees and they aren’t completed yet. When Rey appeared for WWE over the weekend in Hidalgo, he was still using a crutch.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Devon

    Rey needs to retire. I wanna go to a game wit AJ and SMS gets better ratings than impact so they should bring it back

    • someone

      i hope for you when ur Rey’s age nobody is gonna tell you over the internet that u need to retire
      Rey is a hard working men i hope he gets healthy soon and can go to work asap and take care of his family

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