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Mysterio Talks Recent Sickness, WWE Cruiserweights, His WWE Future and More

– Rey Mysterio recently did a chat with ESPN to promote the WWE ’13 video game. Here are some highlights:

His worst injury:
“Two injuries have been really bad. My ACL tears and my bicep tear. If I had to put one in front of the other, I would have to say the last ACL tear, which was almost a year and a half ago.”

Finding success with his high-flying style:
“I feel that first and foremost my style has impacted the wrestling audience in the WWE universe because I try to stay innovative. That’s what keeps the fans on their feet wanting more.”

The WWE Cruiserweight division:
“I would love to see it reinstated. That division was a division that got me noticed by the fans.”

How longer does he want to keep wrestling?
“As long as I can go. I’m a person that just relies on faith and God’s will. He will eventually tell me when it’s time.”

What people don’t realize about WWE Superstars and his recent sickness:
“I think when we are hurt or we’re sick we have to stay on focus. Not to long ago, I wrestled on a Monday night and I had food poisoning. I was in the ring with food poisoning. Sometimes you don’t realize our health. They just see us perform out there and say that was good. But in the back, the cameras aren’t recording anymore and you tend to yourself. In this case, I had to go to the doctor’s right away.”

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  • Lisa

    Mysterio should just retire. Of what use is he when he spends more time in the hospital than in the ring? No one wants to see his beaten up ass any more.

  • rob

    No one wants to read your retarded ass comments any more cunt.

  • Lisa

    Rob, shut the fuck up you moron.

  • Cee Jaih

    I agree with Rob 100 percent, Mysterio still has a couple years left

  • Gasparilla

    Is there a reason Mysterio covers his torso now? I don’t mind the look but I thought it was sort of odd he came back and now wearing almost a full suit when wrestling. Is WWE trying to cover up his tatts? Because to me that was something I have always identified with him and now you don’t see it as much.

  • thomas

    @lisa bitch you need a good plowing to shut you up

  • john

    rey should wrestle more cruserweights, thats his style

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