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Naomi Not Pleased With WWE’s Creative Team

WWE Diva Naomi has been retweeting fans who have voiced their frustration with WWE not using her on television. It should be noted that Team BAD was not featured on last night’s episode of RAW.

Here are some of the tweets retweeted by Naomi:

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  • TheRatedRPoet

    Can’t say she doesn’t deserve a title run

  • Hillary Porterie

    Its about time she started standing up for herself. Naomi’s treatment from day one has been atrocious.

  • robvanriot

    The only downside of Team BAD not being used is that it’s a waste of Sasha. Tamina’s work is terrible, and Naomi is a botch highlight reel.

    • Hillary Porterie

      You sure you watching Naomi or Brie Bella? I watch all of Naomis matches closely…Does she make mistakes in the ring? Yes. (So does everyone else) But shes alot better than she gets the time or opponent to show. Her matches with the Bellas always suck the life outta me because the Bellas (Nikki especially) half asses through every match shes had with Naomi. Her move set is so much more diverse than run jump high, and stick your ass in peoples faces. Just go watch her first two matches with Paige….and watch them with an open mind.

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