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Nash at RAW, Sami Zayn vs. Billy Gunn?, Scott Hall’s Son Cody

– Kevin Nash noted on Twitter that he may be attending the October 28th WWE RAW from Orlando.

– Scott Hall noted in his recent interview with Slam Wrestling that legend Lance Storm and Roddy Piper have been working with his son Cody Hall, giving him tips, going over his matches and offering advice.

– We noted before that NXT trainer Billy Gunn, working as special referee, turned on Sami Zayn at Friday’s NXT live event in Daytona, allowing Bo Dallas to retain the NXT Title. The storyline was that Triple H sent Gunn to help Bo retain the title because it was best for business. Zayn tweeted Gunn after the show:

“Hey @RealBillyGunn, this ain’t over.”

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  • sonik

    That was BOst for BOsiness

  • KingBack

    Would be quite entertaining to see Big Sexy get involved in the feud.

  • unBOlievaBO!!! i hope Zayn gets his revenge on BOlly Gunn!!!

  • SdotC

    Hall, Piper and Storm… could you ask for a better, more eclectic and well-rounded training team?

    • [B]ANExx

      EVERYONE should be trained by William Regal :)

      But yeah, that is quite an array of trainers!!

  • TheHotDogKing1

    There’s something about Bo Dallas I’m liking more and more…


    Zayn for nxt champion

  • Charles Smith

    For what its worth, a friend of mine heard from a co-worker who read it on a different website that big show was gonna bring back the nWo. So maybe there’s something to it.

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