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Nash’s Waffle House Diss on Punk, Jericho MCing Event, Punk & Prichard

– Former WWE Tag Team Champion and current WWE developmental trainer Tom “Bodydonna Zip” Prichard turns 52 years old today.

– CM Punk wrote on Twitter to clear up the confusion over fake YouTube channels: “Okay. YouTube channel controversy. ThisIsCMpunk is mine. There is only one video on it. From comic con. I’ll post more probably never.”

– Chris Jericho will be the MC at the Bikers For Babies charity event and classic car show on August 28th in Staten Island, New York at the Staten Island Mall.

– As seen on Monday’s RAW, Kevin Nash said that CM Punk looked like a cook from a Waffle House in Pikesville. It’s said that Nash was actually taking a shot at TNA, referring to Pikesville, Kentucky – one of TNA’s hottest markets for live events. Nash was always against working live events in TNA and backstage at the few he did work, he never took them seriously.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • kevinroulette

    It's pikeville ky not pikesville . Get it right Nash

    • The Original Jeff W.

      Did Nash say it that way, or is it just a typo on here?

      • The Original Jeff W.

        I'm sorry this is off topic, but it's just so funny I have to ask. Why did somebody give me a thumbs down? I was just asking a question.

  • bam

    Not that it REALLY matters but its PIKEVILLE not PIKESVILLE.

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