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Natalya Going On a Date, Update on Lilian’s Recovery, Wrestlers Congratulate Obama

– Wrestlers who congratulated President Barack Hussein Obama for getting re-elected on Twitter included The Rock, Wade Barrett, Kevin Nash, Sakamoto, Eve Torres, Kofi Kingston, Candice Michelle, Kharma, The Blue Meanie, Chris Masters and Rikishi, among others.

– A fan asked Lilian Garcia how her recovery is going after being hit by a car in Los Angeles a few weeks back. She replied:

“Slow & painful. Not quick enough! I want 2 b back so bad! Thks 4 asking”

– There was no Divas match on last night’s Super SmackDown but WWE’s website aired a segment with Kaitlyn and Natalya. Both agreed that they hated Divas Champion Eve Torres and Natalya said she would put in a good word for Kaitlyn to Booker T, in hopes of Kaitlyn getting a title shot.

Natalya’s phone went off and she began texting a new admirer, likely The Great Khali based on their segment from the previous week. After a giddy Natalya walked off, Kaitlyn texted the unidentified person back from Natalya’s phone and set up dinner between the two for next week.

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  • Cornbread

    Why do they always treat Nattie like she’s some disgusting freak. Just because she doesn’t shove her finger down her throat doesnt mean she has to fart and be attracted to Great Khali.

  • Lisa

    Congratulations to our president on his re-election to the oval office. Hopefully the next four years will be much better than the past four.

  • Alejandro

    I would like to go on a date with Natalya :)

  • wwwyki

    @Conrbread It’s probably the writers playing a joke because Nattie and Khali are friends in real life and she posts of them hugging and trying out sun glasses and shit.

    This site needs to stop posting things off twitter, I wouldn’t even know that shit if it weren’t for WNZ.

  • Brandon

    That sucks, she’s dating Tyson Kidd last I heard, why don’t they go with that.

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