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Natalya Tells Her Fans To Not Worry; Does She Watch TNA?

For the second consecutive week on SmackDown, WWE suggested that Natalya Neidhart had farted during a backstage segment. As Natalya and Beth Phoenix were warming up for their match against Aksana and Tamina, sound effects simulating farting were heard. Santino Marella then walked into the area and displayed an alarmed reaction to the foul scent.

The angle has drawn the ire of many of the third generation wrestler’s fans on Twitter, who feel it’s doing her no favors. Natalya, however, thinks they should lighten up.

“I love to respond to all of you and answer your q’s but some of your comments are Debbie Downer-esque! Settle the tea kettles would ya?!” she wrote.

“What I’m trying to say to some of you is that life is too short to be so negative! So chin up, go for a jog or save a puppy! :)

“To everyone who is positive- I’ve got nothing but love for you… Like Tupac said! And thank you from the bottom of my heart. Goodnight!”

She then specifically responded to a message saying a lot of people are worried about the passing gas segments. She responded, “No one needs to worry about me:) except for the people at Louis Vuitton!”

Meanwhile, Neidhart responded to a question asking whether she watches TNA Wrestling. She said, “I watch all wrestling! What do you expect from a Hart?!”

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  • Mikey

    You know one can’t help but thing she could be pulling a facade of positive energy, because if she voiced her frustrations publicly, it would hinder her WWE tenure big time. However, I will just believe and take her word for it. Something I’ve been thinking about is how this could lead to a face turn. Bad News Bro had a very elaborate comment in a previous thread about it, and it’d work. To add on, this actually gets more Natalya fans to rise up in arms, coming out of the darkness of irrelevancy. Sympathetic fans, insulted fans, are passionate fans, therefore are connected to Natalya. So when she’s a face, she becomes more popular? I’d like to think that rather than thinking this angle will result in absolutely nothing positive.

    I am not angry at this, but very worrisome, and when the farting happens, so far, it’s not funny.

  • Later Marks

    It’s not funny or entertaining.
    I don’t care why they’re doing it or even which of the wrestlers get stuck with this angle, it just brings down the show and makes me embarrassed to say I’m a wrestling fan.

    I like PG but fart jokes are a new low for WWE.

  • mar

    i agree, its embarassing she is a womens WRESTLER why not showcase that then lame farting angles, its not funny its not entertainment its just showing fans that they have no respect for nattie

  • Peter Ballack

    As ‘mar’ said in his comment, Nattie is a WRESTLER.
    Why don’t they showcase that and instead give the stupid and lame fart gimmicks to one of those talentless models like the Bella Sluts.

    It’s a sad day for wrestling when one of the premier wrestling divas on the roster is put on the back-burner with a fart gimmick, whilst the models who can’t wrestle (like Eva Torres) get to soak up all of the main angles.

    I really wish that wrestling was just ‘wrestling’ again.
    Fuck this ‘entertainment’ shit. If I want to watch lame comedy, then I’ll watch a slapstick comedy movie.

    If I want to watch wrestling, then that is what I should be watching; not fart jokes that were funny in 1985.

  • Peter Ballack

    @Peter Ballack: I meant ‘Eve Torres’. Damn keyboard.

  • ShoeHornOPlenty

    Well since Vince finds this entertaining, I want to pitch a few other ideas for the Divas.

    Kelly Kelly – Everytime she goes to run the ropes, get Scott Hall to go to ringside with his cattleprod and just give her a good poke with it. She will go flying off those things like a champ

    Bella Twins – Since Vince is into bodily functions, I say each week on Raw we have these 2 go to the bathroom and vomit. You could even do the whole eating disorder angle too if you like since we know Vince is no stranger to tasteless angles.

    Eve – Just paint her silver and you will have your very own female tin man, she has the personality of one

    Or if you really want something that will give us all a laugh, sign Chyna and have her coked up ass come out and just recite her tweets live on Raw, laughs all around.

  • IQ=untouchable

    Disgusting whore needs to learn to squeeze them farts in

  • mariah.

    @Mikey: I agree. As much as this angle still pisses me the fuck off, I’m going to remain positive for Natalya…. she at least deserves the love and support of the fans. Even if this angle is just for Vince and Company’s disgusting pleasure, at least we’ll show them we back Natalya no matter what and they’ll be forced to use her to the best of her ability.

  • mariah.

    @IQ=untouchable: And you’re a fucking idiot who needs to learn to squeeze your ridiculous thoughts in

  • IQ=untouchable

    and you are a dumb slut who needs to close your legs and instead open up your mind to an education. a life on the streets isn’t a good one. but your people STILL haven’t learned that. those men dont love you

  • mariah.

    @IQ=untouchable: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Joe

    Chavo used to defend his being humiliated by a midget every week too, til the contract was up.

  • GunShark

    @mariah.: Please don’t feed the trolls.

  • Alejandro

    The gimmick is not funny and is not entertaining. WWE always has to bury divas that can actually wrestle. They did it to Molly Holly, Mickie James, Victoria and Lita. And now they’re doing it to Natalya. She says that she likes the gimmick but sooner or later she’s going to get regret doing the gimmick and she’s going to want get out of WWE.

    And why doesn’t WWE use embarrassing gimmicks on Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins? Cause they’re too attractive and have the “talent” to wrestle a match and entertain the crowd. Kelly Kelly has a lazy eye for God’s sake and the Bella Twins probably prostitute themselves around management in order to get tv time lol. Why don’t they use that for embarrassing gimmicks? lol. And once Triple H and Stephanie McMahon take over WWE on a everyday basis they need to fire the writers they have and hire better ones. Ones that actually care about wrestling.

  • Joe

    @Alejandro: You’re correct about most of the divas but in all fairness Lita did it to herself.

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