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New Contenders Match and More Set for Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA has announced the following for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling:

– Thursday’s broadcast will feature the aftermath of the “Turning Point” Pay-Per-View event! Tune in for results and coverage from the huge event!

– After a high-flying, high-risk Ladder Match, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion after beating Austin Aries in the main event! Hardy will be at IMPACT this Thursday night with his World Title! How will Aries react to losing his chance at reclaiming the gold? Is Hardy ready to face the NEW number-one contender?

– After winning the #1 Contender’s Match at the Pay-Per-View, “Cowboy” James Storm is next in line to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! What will Storm have to say about becoming the new top contender this Thursday on IMPACT? Plus, how will AJ Styles react to not only losing the match, but any shot at the World Heavyweight Title in the future?

– After last week’s chaos involving The Aces & Eights vs. Sting and Kurt Angle, and D.O.C battling Joseph Parks at Turning Point, what does the gang have planned for this Thursday’s IMPACT on SpikeTV? Will more members of Aces & Eights be revealed? Will D.O.C. make good on his threats against Kurt Angle?

– The lovely but lethal TNA Knockouts will be in action on Thursday’s IMPACT, as a new #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship will be decided!

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  • Aaron

    Great job by TNA for basically burying AJ for at least a year! Hulk and Eric are stupid for doing it! AJ has done more for TNA than those two ever will!

  • Drew

    @Aaron I totally agree. It should have been Roode to take the pin. I think most people expected Storm to get the win, the only question really was who was gonna get pinned. I think it should have been Roode cuz like I read someone else say, he could take the year to show that he deserved to be in the main event and then add in stuff about Hogan screwing him over and stacking the odds against him.

    The only way that I think I could live with AJ not getting a World title shot until next year’s BFG is to either have him win the BFG series next year and/or have him have either an X division, TV or Tag Team title run or runs. Like have Styles win the X-Division title and break the record of most X-Division titles that he shares with Jay Lethal before losing to Ion to set up for the Ion vs. Sorensen [sp]? match that you know is going to happen.

  • LUISD65

    I too could not believe how AJ lost, but i believe they have something big planned for him. Yes he has had crappy storylines in the past but they have placed him as a top storyline every week in impact, just not involved in Title picture, so im sure they have something big planned for him.

  • Aaron

    TNA has to do a lot for me to care! The KOs need to be pushing Gail and Mickie for a change, as they are the best they have!

    Aries got the shaft again, he has more up-side than Hardy and would be a better fit with Storm in a title match!

    Down-grading AJ in the X-Division is a big step back for him! He is TNA!

  • Z…..

    There obviously isnt much to say anymore. Hogan and company have continued to piss me off at every point. I honestly thought AJ was going to win this match and Storm would get pinned. I didnt like Storm losing, but the way the story was going, I thought he’d end up winning the title at BFG next year. Hopefully that is what ends up happening with AJ. I just hate that he is gonna be wasting away for another year, along with Kaz, Daniels, Joe, etc. Would have loved to see AJ and Aries for the title

  • Tom

    I disagree Storm has been working his way to a Title run for some time. Styles is awesonme no doubt but someone had to take the the pin. I dont know why u guys hate Hardy so much. I give Hardy a ton of credit for coming back and proving himself and he still puts on good matches. I heard the Aries Hardy Ladder match was very good! If Storm and Hardy do wrestle for the Title they will put on a good match. U guys may still get to see Styles vs Aries it just wont involve the Title.

  • Z…..

    I wasnt sayig that Storm should have lost b/c I agree that he should have a title shot, but I thought that was what was going to happen based on other things including his shot being delayed on numerous occasions. Of course Hardy had a good match when it was a ladder match. He can at least put on a good show in those. Havent seen the match yet, but I can assume with confidence that Aries arried him, even in “his” match. I have already stated many times why I dont thin Hardy deserves what he is getting. I do consistently give him props for getting clean and changing his life, but that doesnt mean that he deserves a 400th chance when some people dont even get 1. I have also talked about his in ring and mic skills. not gonna go any further b/c I have already answered that

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