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New Match Added to WWE Hell In a Cell

– Coming out of tonight’s SmackDown, here’s the final announced card for Sunday’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. As noted, something with Bray Wyatt and The Miz, possibly just a segment, is also expected to be added.

Hell In a Cell for the WWE Title
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton
Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Title Match
John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Usos vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

WWE Divas Title Match
Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee

Handicap Hell In a Cell Match
Ryback and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

Los Matadores vs. Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro

WWE Intercontinental Title Kickoff Pre-show Match
Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel

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  • Tommy Colosi

    small card I hope Bryan Orton get about 35-40 min

    • Tyler Drummond

      I would expect a match or two to be thrown on the card during the show, but whether any are added or not I agree I hope they get a lot of time. I dont think 35 – 40 mins, but I hope they get at least 30 mins.

      • Tommy Colosi

        I meant with promo package and all 3 intros it could add up to that. I remember Summerslam Punk Lesnar was 28 min bell to bell but almost 40 from promo package to promo package.

        • Tyler Drummond

          Oh ok, yeah with promos, intros yeah it should definately be 35-40 mins.

  • JH

    I wonder if returning Cena or Bryan/Orton main events. Gonna be an interesting night.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I don’t want to see a segment between The Miz and Best Wyatt. I want to see a wrestling match between the two.

    • Victor82

      Me too, but Wyatt maybe is not cleared to return to the ring yet… Hope to see Kane back.

  • tt2000

    The only match I want to see is Los Matadores vs Real Americans.

  • Mohamed Abdo

    Are u guys happy with the content WWE gives us nowadays ?? .. For me , hell NOOOOO !! . I don’t watch or get interested in watching any thing on RAW every week but CM Punk . Not because he is my fav but coz he is the only watchable one for two or three years now . I sick and tired of Bryan’s yes !! yes !! yes !! thing , but he is great no doubt as a wrestler . Every thing is booooring . I miss the attitude era so much . I miss having a bloody street fight as HBK vs Edge in the main event on RAW .. something we can’t have even at WM . By the way can someone plz show me the video in I think 2005 when Shawn Michaels disguised as a camera man on Smackdown and then took off his mustache .. dropped the camera and then attacked Kurt Angle .. that was in the promo for their match at WM 21 and that imo the best promo I’ve ever seen .. plz guys I want it .. plz WNZ if u have it .. thanks 😉 .

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