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New Photo of Stephanie Working Out, More on Possible Royal Rumble Surprise

– The RXMuscle website will be publishing an article detailing Stephanie McMahon’s training in the next few weeks. Chris Z Photography released the following preview photo of Stephanie working out:

stephanie mcmahon working out

– We noted before that WWE officials were talking about having The Undertaker just work the Royal Rumble main event as a surprise entrant if he didn’t want to come back for a full WrestleMania storyline and match. The idea would be that Taker doesn’t have to have a huge match at WrestleMania and they can still use him at the Rumble to create some buzz.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • Stephanie is gorgeous!

  • Muscleman

    I agree with Jessica, Stephanie is looking good. About Taker, WWE officials should try all they can to have him work Wrestlemania. They need him. Besides, Taker making a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble isn’t gonna boost PPV sales. But him working a Wrestlemania program certainly will boost Mania PPV buys. Or better yet, they should have Taker work both the Royal Rumble and WM 29 – that would be a win-win for everyone.

  • Jackson

    The Undertaker isn’t a surprise entrant, he’s still on the active roster. A surprise entrant would be someone like Vader or Sid or someone like that.

  • Chelsii.

    “That would be a win-win” – Do you not think that Undertaker might NOT want to wrestle anymore? What I don’t like the idea of him not being at WM this year is because, if last year was his last WM – they didn’t make a big enough deal of him leaving.

  • Muscleman

    Yeah, he may not be willing to wrestle. Understandably so because his body is not in good shape at the moment. Then again, there was never talk of his match at WM 28 being his last so I do hope that he wrestles at least one more Mania match, so that he’s officially given his well deserved sendoff.

  • stone cold

    taker shuld only wrestle wm IF HE wrestles at RR he gonna get banged the time he gonna have match at mania he gonna b he shuld not risk wrestle at rr but only at wm.and i hope d bryan wins the rr

  • wtfwwe

    gross stephanie looks like a 15 yr old boy, also undertaker should just save his energy for wrestlemania instead of working the RR

  • Feedmemore

    Stephanie is so FUCKING hot


    Correction, Taker’s gonna be 48, but more or less, he’ll probably retire when or before he’s 50.

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