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New Photos of WWE Couple Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Out & About Together

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  • Mikey

    This is fake, right? Please tell me this is fake? I can believe him dating AJ, but Brie? Fuck. Well, this won’t make me cheer a Bella more. If anything, Brie should be lucky that he’s handing with a winner.

  • kiwi

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Clinton

    How did those photos surface? Brie or Daniel post it on twitter by accident or something. The pics are kinda explicit in a sexual way… def not suitable for PG

    WWE need to keep their workers personal relationships out of storylines…

  • Ross

    Dibs on Nikki !

  • jt


    are you kidding me shut the hell up

  • CW1

    Oh Boy if AJ sees this, she’s gonna kick & dump his silly, scrawny, herbivorous, paper champion ass.

  • FacePuncher

    Lol at the last pic. Also is Brie the one with the tattoo down by her pussy? If a girl has a tattoo down there she’s usually quite adventurous in the bedroom

  • ~(dontknowme)~


  • Buck 80

    I thought Daniel Bryan was married…???

  • Prat Bitt


  • kelly

    is brie bella not married to phillip jack brooks? (cm punk)???

  • Erwin

    are you sure that’s not Nikki? btw bad choice Daniel.. you should have chosen AJ in real life too.. she’s way hotter than Brie!

  • CW1

    @Prat Bitt: You mean Beauty & “Cheat” do you?

  • Josie

    Okayyy peoples

    Firstly, it’s Brie, because Nikki is in a relationship with Ziggler, we all know this..or I thought we all knew this

    Secondly, if they’re happy, who cares.. I think it’s cute, and I mean cmon, couples everyday, post photos of why can’t Brie and Daniel do it? Because their wrestlers? pssh!

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