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New Rey Misterio To Be Introduced, Triple H’s First Ring For Sale

— Rey Misterio, Sr. (Miguel Lopez, uncle of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio) is scheduled to introduce a new Rey Misterio, Jr. at a CMLL live event on Friday, May 27 in Tijuana, Mexico. Misterio, Sr. has trained the young upstart and is said to have a lot potential. Rey Mysterio, the original Rey Misterio, Jr., has given the wrestler his blessing.

Often times in Mexico, a famous wrestler will allow a junior to assume his persona in exchange for a percentage of their earnings.

— The original wrestling ring from Killer Kowalski’s Institute of Pro Wrestling in Massachusetts is up for auction on eBay. A number of notable wrestlers learned the ropes in this ring including Triple H, Chyna, Perry Saturn, Kazarian, A-Train and John Kronus.

The auction can be seen here.

— The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, are scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • DEUK

    This new Rey Misterio Jr is the cousin of the Rey Mysterio in WWE. The original Rey Misterio is WWE Mysterio's uncle. So it's highly unlikely that any money was exchanged as they are all family. Saying that though the new Misterio Jr has alot of potential, would be great signing for WWE along with Dr Wagner III, Ultimo Guerrero Jr & El Hijo de L.A. Park

  • wouldn't they call him rey misterio the third

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